Thursday, 11 May 2017 05:50

Irked by lack of Alta. Wildrose MLA at events

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As an involved volunteer and citizen of Medicine Hat, and a proud Albertan, I take a lot of pride in my community. I take pride in the people who work tirelessly to come to community events and appreciate the hard work of our elected officials who speak at, and support the endeavours within our community.
I have been noticing, as of late, that Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes has not been pictured or mentioned in community announcements such as the recent announcement made by the minister of the environment.
As a voter and concerned Albertan — this upsets me. I took it upon myself to contact Barnes’ office to learn more and was sad to find out that the reason for his absence is simply he had not been invited.
If this is truly the case, I am appalled community events would fail to invite a dignitary who has been democratically elected by the people of Cypress-Medicine Hat.
Regardless of the fact that MLA Barnes sits on the opposition bench, he is our representative in Edmonton; he is to be representing our thoughts, convictions and ideas to the government as he holds the NDP government to account.
How is he supposed to be able to represent us if he is not being invited to appear or speak at these events?
Judging by his extensive attendance at other events put on by charities in the community, it is evident his lack of appearance at the Medicine Hat College or presentations by ministers is not because he is not willing, it is because these events are gate-kept by bureaucrats at the top.
I would like to invite other citizens to recognize the inherent bias within our institutions. We as citizens have a right to represented, regardless of what side of the Legislative Assembly our MLA resides.
Mandi Campbell, Medicine Hat

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