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Be mindful of your personal information

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I am not a member of any provincial political party, but I have noticed the recent outcry has spawned online petitions to sign about the recent provincial budget — most notably some are managed by the Saskatchewan NDP.
Although I have no problem with people seeking redress to their concerns, I’ve noticed something about these online petitions. Not one of them carry any disclaimer as to how the data will be used.
Is it in fact being used for purposes other than the petition itself?
Will your personal information just be used for the petition or will it be used for other things? Is anyone filling in the forms of these on-line petitions actually helping create a database for use other than the petition itself? And if so is this ethical?
In a day and age where people are demanding our politicians to operate ethically and above board isn’t this surreptitious collection of personal information in itself unethical?
How can it not be?
Why is there no disclaimer on the petition site as to the protection of your personal data as well as what you are allowing the NDP and others to do with your personal information?
I think it’s time for the collectors of this information to come totally clean as to what they intend to do with the data.
Robert Thomas, Moose Jaw, Sask.

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