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Windscape can be a fabulous volunteer opportunity for all

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I remember walking up the hill to the site and seeing the giant octopus floating in the sky.  It took my breath away.
I was new to Swift Current when I first volunteered for the Windscape Kite Festival. I thought it might be a good way to spend a beautiful summer weekend outside, and meet new people. I had no idea what I might be getting myself into.  
The weather was amazing, just the right amount of wind to keep the kites in the air, big open blue sky as far as the eye could see and hundreds, if not thousands of people laughing, eating and playing.
I was stationed at the splatter mural, which entailed giving children a super soaker water gun full of paint to shoot at the wall. It was so fun to watch them create and want to go again and again.
I met a number of fantastic people from the community that weekend also.To this day, I consider many of them friends of mine.
Every year since, I have volunteered for the Windscape Kite Festival, in some capacity. This year, I am the volunteer co-ordinator, responsible for recruiting 200-plus volunteers to experience what I did on that very first day  — walking up the hill to see a giant octopus floating in the sky.
Come join me on June 24-25.You can register at: or phone me at 306-772-0070.
Verena Marsden, Swift Current

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