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Leave SaskTel alone

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SaskTel was built up in our fair province for the benefit of the citizens of Saskatchewan. 
The infrastructure that was built, the investments that were made, the innovations that were incorporated in the system (i.e. the fiber optics network that became the envy of the world) made Sasktel one of the best telephone systems in the world. 
Other countries enlisted SaskTel expertise and investment to help build their own systems.
Companies, recognizing the excellence of SaskTel came in and, in the name of competition, piggybacked their services on what SaskTel has built and maintained for so many years. 
Who knows how much that has cost in the area of lost revenue. And now,  for the sake of a one-time infusion of cash into the budget of Saskatchewan, you are considering selling a company that has consistently shown a profit and is known for its excellent service and innovation. That makes no sense.
Mr. Brad Wall, you cannot sell what belongs to the people of Saskatchewan. If you do, we can only look forward to a decline in service and a drain of money from the economy of Saskatchewan into the pockets of a corporation whose only goal is the enrichment of its shareholders. What you need to do is check with the citizens of Ontario and ask them what they think of the service that they receive, especially in outlying areas.
The question you need to ask yourself is whether any big ‘for-profit’ corporation will be committed to provide the service that Sasktel provides. Will they send out their employees to restore service during a raging blizzard or severe storm in summer? To me, the answer is obvious.
Margaret Heese, Saskatchewan

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