Wednesday, 02 November 2016 13:24

Byelection a ‘catch-22’ for Prime Minister

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I find it pathetic and appalling that the Conservative Party of Canada spin doctors are attempting to use the prime minister’s visit to Medicine Hat as a rallying cry for the election win by Mr. Motz.
Most rational people would have realized very early that this byelection was a catch-22 for Justin Trudeau. A failure to show would have led to a bleating of the sheep about how southern Alberta is once more being ignored by Ottawa. Forgotten in the hue and cry is that Stephen Harper failed to do exactly what our existing PM carried out.
I find it significant that these same braggarts do not exclaim how Rona Ambrose galvanized the voters in support of Mr. Motz, a prime example of a political party without leadership and no credible candidate in the future.
The dismal voter turnout leads me to believe people in this part of Alberta are indeed satisfied with the Liberal Party and not just apathetic as some media reports would have us think.
The outcome of the vote has no effect on the Liberal majority, other than to indicate that the sheep are quite willing to remain on the wrong side of the fence for a number of years, if not for decades.
Len Jalbert, Medicine Hat

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