Wednesday, 26 October 2016 13:55

Dark clouds over the west again

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We know that Pierre Trudeau did his best to ruin the west with his NEP (National Energy Policy).
His son Justin is now following in his footsteps.
First, he delayed EUI benefits extensions to a large portion of the west.
We were the last to receive infrastructure handouts. Now he (the CBSA) has levied a 50 per cent tariff on our drywall. It will devastate the building industry along with potential new home buyers.
He is also stalling on our need for pipelines to ship our oil and natural gas across the country for the benefit of all Canadians.
Pipelines are safer than using road and rail to transport our product.
Many roads and rails follow river valleys and go through all cities. Heavens knows if there was an accident, the dire outcome could be disastrous.
Now he wants to force large carbon taxes on us. Some form of carbon tax is good, but must be realistic and be affordable to all.
SaskPower doesn’t help our cause with their building of a non-green power facility.
It will be great for Swift Current, but not for our environment. With our dire economy this will be devastating to all sectors of our economy. With the huge increases Trudeau is trying to force on us it will be devastating to all low-income families and seniors. There is no way they can pay for the huge extra charges.
They were completely ignored in the last budgets. Middle income and refugees got handsome handouts and shouldn’t suffer too much. What next? I stated before the last election for the west to look out. Sure enough, there is probably more to come.
OG Daniels, Swift Current

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