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Canada fortunate to be where it’s at, despite writer’s claims

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In his attempt to discredit the benefits of socialism, while at the same time promoting capitalism, Dale Ferrel (Prairie Post Sept. 9 ) fails to adequately define either one.
 Perhaps the best way to define these two systems is to make a real world comparison and contrast. For example, for the last 70 years, Canada has had a social democratic party (CCF/NDP) as a vigorous and important part of the political fabric of this country. 
As a result, there has been healthy and wide-ranging debate on many political issues.  The CCF/NDP has provided a counter-vailing view in the halls of power to that of the old line capitalist parties.
 In the U.S.A., third parties such as democratic socialist ones have pretty much been suppressed and excluded from the fabric of political life and the themes for debate have been manipulated to suit the two capitalist tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum parties, allowing capitalism to run rampant.
 The statistics speak for themselves. 
In the areas of crime, poverty, pensions, unemployment insurance, labour laws, literacy, infant mortality and healthcare generally, Canada ranks among the top seven countries of the world in these parameters for quality of life, health and safety.  The U.S.A. ranks in the low thirties, statistics bordering on those of a third world country.
 Social democracy in Canada is all about having a healthy market economy, but one that is regulated and balanced so that it is equal and fair for all. It is also about using some of our wealth to provide a cushion for unfortunate individuals who happen to suffer the misfortunes and outrages of life.
Capitalism is all about aggrandizement. It is all about accumulating wealth and power for a few, the devil take the rest.
 Which world would you rather have?
Joyce Neufeld, Waldeck, Sask.

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