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Looking for more clarification on Elmwood Golf Course contract

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Mayor and Council of Swift Current, I have not been able to find anywhere in the contract between the City and Elmwood golf course any guarantees that the taxpayer money is 100 per cent secure and payable back to the taxpayers in the event of default by Elmwood Golf Course.
What if Elmwood Golf Course declares bankruptcy, goes into receivership or for other reasons cannot fulfill their obligations to pay back the taxpayers’ money given to them? What personal guarantees and safeguards, if any, were implemented in the contract with this privately-operated entity?
Another query — was there any elected officials, employees or agents of the City of Swift Current on the Elmwood golf course board during the drafting of the agreement and to what capacity was their involvement in this contract?
Call me dumb, but I just want full disclosure and clarity of the steps you and council took to protect the taxpayers’ money in the contract for all and worse case scenarios.
Would you and Council please provide sections and paragraphs in the contract that you and Council facilitated and passed that guarantees the full amounts of taxpayers’ money and borrowing costs will be recovered immediately in any case of default, not leaving the taxpayers on the hook, as I may have missed them?
Clarifications of these concerns would certainly be a relief to me as well to all the City of Swift Current taxpayers, knowing our money is being managed in our best interests and legally 100 per cent secured when loaning it with personal guarantees “just like a bank does.”
In my opinion, this is a responsibility to which you and Council are entrusted.
Lastly, thank you for all your work for the City and wishing you and yours all the best in your future endeavours.
Kathy Fraser, Swift Current

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