Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:50

Removing a speed sign south of Maple Creek creates road hazard

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To the person or persons that are continuously removing the 40 km/hr sign south of Maple Creek on Highway 21 south: I do not know what your intent is for doing so.
By removing the sign, you are putting people’s lives at risk and I for one ask that you stop. People are driving into town at 70 km/hr.
I had an experience where someone was accidentally signaling coming from south of town to go east onto 5th Ave.
He started to slow down, I assume to go 40 km/hr right before he got to 5th Ave, so I turned from 5th Ave in front of him to go south. He almost hit me.
This is the first time I’ve ever felt scared to turn from 5th to go south on Highway 21 in 25 years.
I feel that even though he made the mistake of having his signal light on, if the 40 km/sign was where it should’ve been, I would have not been put in danger.
I always make sure that when someone is signalling to turn there I watch to make sure that they have slowed down to turn before I proceed. In this case, he did slow down, but not to turn. He was slowing down because he saw the other 40 km/hr sign that is posted inside of town limits.
Please quit endangering mine and others’ lives. Leave the signs alone. They are there for a reason.
Cheryl Friday, Maple Creek

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