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Mayor invited to one-on-one debate

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I must have touched a nerve.
Last week the Mayor replied to my Elmwood Golf Course letter in his always predictable manner. He attacked the messenger rather than addressing the message.

He never really addressed my issues, but that is difficult when the facts are not in your favour. It is obvious our views are diametrically opposed to each other when it comes to City finances.
One of his comments was quite strange. He somehow thinks I am a shill for the Saskatchewan Party because I haven’t written any letters to the editor criticizing our Provincial Government. Maybe that is because the Brad Wall government has done
a pretty good job of handling their finances and we have only seen reductions in our provincial income tax while reigning in spending, as opposed to our City hitting us with big increases in spending and double digit tax increases. In addition Mr. Wall is the most liked premier in Canada. Much of that popularity is due to him doing the common sense things for our Province as opposed to the City continuing to do things that make no sense to our taxpayers.
In addition he says I have made no attempt to speak to the City about my concerns. He should maybe speak to his councillors, as I have spoken to a number of them. Their reaction for the most part, has been one of encouragement and support for my views.
I also spoke to Susan Motkaluk, the former COO for the City on two occasions. She told me the City was in dire straights with respect to their finances and asked me for advice as to what I would do to rectify the problem. I was happy to give her a number of ideas which I felt would help, but of course none of those suggestions were ever acted upon. She also felt the numbers I had been quoting differed from hers, so I showed her where I got my figures from. She couldn’t argue with my figures. In the end it felt more like an effort to muzzle me than an effort to reach out.
If the Mayor truly wants to discuss the issues I have raised I would invite him to have a one-on-one public debate. I would be willing to do that anytime and anywhere in a public forum. That way the public could here both sides of the issues I have raised and my concerns could be discussed in a civil and open manner. I would be happy to provide a list of concerns I have raised in the past couple of years. 
I look forward to the Mayor’s acceptance of my invitation.
Don Robinson, Swift Current

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