Wednesday, 13 July 2016 13:43

Medicine Hat being dumped on by NDP

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So the rate of minimum wage is increasing. This forces the employers to increase the price for there goods or services to off-set this raise. So do the employees that receive this wage increase benefit?
The political party that promised this raise in wage got what they wanted — a vote for them. The poor are still poor. We are now being force-fed a carbon tax. In 2017 it will be nearly five cents a litre more for gas. This has a massive trickle down effect. Increasing the cost of fuel increases the cost of shipping on every single thing you purchase. So again the poor get poorer.
But wait, there will be rebate checks for the middle- and lower-income people. So why not just raise the taxes on the wealthy and big business? Let’s face it the carbon taxes are nothing more than a PST.
In this economy this government is dumping on us in Medicine Hat with an unemployment rate of around 12 per cent, with people struggling to make ends meet. It’s an insane, delusional government.
Next time you vote, think before you do. And please vote, it is your right to do so.
Greg Rossler, Medicine Hat

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