Thursday, 28 April 2016 06:03

Time for the old boys clubs to go

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Just lately, a superfluous spate of serious denunciations have surfaced, all of which involve “the old boys’ club”  in some way.

They persevere, nearly controlling the entire world. The results, politically, economically and for business and warfare all leave them with an exacerbated malfeasance record. The one per cent that hold half of the world’s wealth cannot be remotely considered as a bunch youths or females.
Let’s carefully scrutinize some of the issues for which I believe they must take ownership.
Canadian women who chose criminal law practice are to leaving their firms in droves. Statistics from Legal Aid Ontario and the Law Society of Upper Canada combined with  a survey of 225 female criminal lawyers indicated only 13 were still practising after 10 years. Low pay and long hours compounded by further financial hardships during maternity leave were major factors.
Only 22 per cent of those surveyed felt they were being treated as equals. Given the average lawyer knocks down $365 per hour, it appears to me only the old boys are doing well.
The same old boys up their transgressions by lobbying for government wellsprings of the taxpayers’ money to maintain their presumptuous fees so they can finally serve millions of potential clients who cannot afford their fees. People at or below the poverty line now get some government assistance. A huge number in the ever-widening gap above them can’t afford their services, compounded by unnecessary adjournments that further milk the system. How could a person making less than $26,000 a year afford $2,900 per day for lawyers fees? The bar association has issued 31 recommendations calling for more federal funding.
Apparently, no thought by the old boys of helping out by reducing their trumped up fees.
Thanks to the old boys, disenfranchised women in Canada earn less than 72 per cent of what men make for the same work, while also absorbing far more unpaid work. Same work hours, education and experience don’t count. Only 15 per cent of Fortune 500 executives are female.
Why should truck drivers earn $45,000 per year while early childcare educators make $20,000 less? Why are 59 per cent of minimum wages earners women? Why are women who are more likely to have a university degree than men, paid less on average?
Further, women are too often less represented in government, but I believe they could probably govern better than men. I doubt an American Congress with a majority of women would have gone to war in Iraq or Afghanistan. I also doubt a female-dominated American Republican Congress would have voted down almost every project initiated by their Democrat president. That, and their quintessential, out-of-control meltdown leading to the November election are the work of old boys.
Old boys from everywhere have created the terrible mess in Syria. Had the majority of their decision makers been women, the estimated 250,000 to 470,000 people killed and over one million injured over five years would not have happened. Nor would 23 million of their population been displaced creating the world’s worst refugee crisis since the end of the Second World War. The remaining population suffers terribly. The country and its historic sites are reduced to rubble that will require billions of dollars to even partially re-build. Estimates suggest $275 billion also lost in growth opportunities.
There is no room for unassailable recrimination.

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