Wednesday, 09 March 2016 16:35

Ever wonder if?

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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As a curious, type, many happenings pique my “Head-Thinker” constantly. I’ll share a few with you.

If huge icebergs are melting, can they slow global warming?
The answer is yes. Some as long as 18 kilometres enter southern oceans, releasing iron and other nutrients as they melt, that extend outward up to 1,000 kilometres.
These fertilize algae and similar organisms, which in turn extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at an estimated 10 to 40 million tonnes annually. That is the equivalent of all CO2 released by Sweden and New Zealand each year. Professor Grant Bigg, University of Sheffield authored the study.
If coal-fired plants are generating electricity used to operate electric cars, are they the answer to saving the environment? Of course not. The cars are expensive, don’t work well in Canada’s colder climate, have a short range and few places to recharge once you leave home, plus a slow recharging problem.
With more than 80 existing pipelines in North America, why are one more in the U.S. A. and three more in Canada an issue? Except for stupid politicians playing to small, but loud, environmental groups, these state-of-the-art projects are “no-brainers.” After Ontario’s government made a big issue about “strict,” new pollution standards, they gave eight major polluting companies the freedom to completely ignore them.
Some will exceed the limits by 250 times. Ten-year exemptions abound, but they bad mouth Alberta’s energy sector in an act of pretended abomination laced with supreme hypocrisy.
Time to please the large majority of citizens, give the “hold-outs” the bribes they want and do what is economically right. Eastern Canada imports millions of barrels of oil from Iraq, Algeria, Venezuela, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, all with horrible human rights and environmental records. Yet they chose to nick pick Canadian standards. Prime Minister Trudeau visited Alberta, pretending to care about their plight while answering the pipeline issue with, “I’ll do what is right for Canada.” Obviously it’s not pipelines or he would have said so.
Canada loses billions of dollars in royalties that pipelines could provide because we have no end markets, never mind jobs and taxes from workers. All this while Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world, leaves me seething.
Where do these Eastern Canadians think their equalization payments come from?
Perhaps a pipeline through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the port of Church Hill would eliminate many of our problems. Shorter distance, becoming more ice free with global warming and a couple of Canadian ice breakers make me believe its doable, mostly without many of the present glitches and delays. Perhaps throw in a few thoughts of Western Canadian Separation just to get their heads working on a palpable wave length. Maybe a petition to separate such as the one ongoing in northern Ontario.
Are oil and natural gas the only commodities in the toilet? The answer is a resounding no.  At the end of December, coal was down in price by 32 per cent, aluminum was down 19 per cent; iron ore 24 per cent, palladium and zinc both 30 per cent and copper 25 per cent. All mined in Canada, they employed 380,000 and added $54 billion to our domestic GDP in 2013 while dominating the stock market. Saskatchewan can also throw in potash and uranium.
China’s slow down is the main culprit.
 Producing more and selling for less only floods the market to a greater extent.
Exploration funding is also down, effecting future discoveries when markets rebound.

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