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It really is the night before Christmas

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’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Prairie Post,

Not a single person was working, not even a ghost.
The paper was printing, the ads put to bed,
While the weary salespeople were resting their heads.
The press was still running, the workers printing with care,
The news residents were hoping to see pages bear.
The editors and reporters were sitting around,
Discussing the year and the news they had found.
There had been stories of council decisions that were told,
And tales of residents whose decisions were bold.
Many stories of health, education and business,
Environment, politics, and even human interest.
Provincial and national perspectives on news,
And opinions, letters and many community views.
Feature articles about people doing interesting things
And advertisements selling services, baubles, and rings.
It had been a great year for the whole newspaper crew,
With three national nods for photos and stories too.
Let’s not forget the Post’s most winning-est year,
Thirteen Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Awards did make them cheer.
There had been many stories told in the year’s run,
Fifty-one issues worth of news with one still to come.
With a yawn and a stretch the editorial crew headed to their beds,
Ready for visions of 2016 to dance in their heads.
They do it for the readers and their love of the job,
True satisfaction in work well done, cannot be robbed.
Many thanks from us all for such a great year,
May our readers be blessed, those far and near.

— Merry Christmas from the staff of the Prairie Post. We wish all our readers and advertisers the best for 2016.

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Rose Sanchez

Assistant Managing Editor