Wednesday, 16 December 2015 14:36

Honeymoon is over before it began

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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A major flaw in humanity is the “me factor.” We want it now and if someone else must suffer or pay, that’s their problem. Politicians thrive on that weakness. They promise the world to us during every election.

The Liberals won the election. Partly because the Conservatives forgot that they were representing Canadian’s best interests. They angered the provinces, media, civil service, natives, and the veterans. Plus, the Liberals promised to rectify problems and give us everything we want immediately.
Wow, are they ever giving it to us.
 They even promised a deficit. Basic math never got in the way. Even someone completely naive could predict that financing only half of the promises would leave my children’s children a heavy, lengthy burden of debt compounded by interest payments. You wanted change. You got it.
It was the Liberals and NDP that yapped at Stephen Harper to create a huge deficit to kickstart the economy in 2007/08.
Contrary to all good Conservative thinking and the hollow need for doing it, Harper gave them their wish. Patronage spending and waste mushroomed out of control.
The Liberals now  promise to kickstart the already kickstarted economy again with a horrific deficit and more patronage and ill-planned spending. Their recent throne speech was short and almost meaningless. Short on delivering a pile of promises, but long enough to deliver a few scary ones. The promise to “rob the rich” to help pay for tax reductions for the middle class is an economic bad joke that has never worked elsewhere and will fail here too. No problem, just add on a few billion more to the deficit.
Their main focus seems to be on climate change and refugee salvation. I believe there is more to running a country than that. Their climate change ideas are expensive and will only leave us poorer and unable to compete with countries who ignore that farce. I would love to see the total for the wasted expenses to send more than 300 delegates to the World Climate Change talks.
The talks — and that is all they were — only created a final, worthless draft of too many pages of vague intentions which were the only way to get an agreement. Seven different scientific groups provided statistics and even they couldn’t agree to specific figures. There will never be a legal agreement because the U.S. cannot enter into one without 60 per cent of their politicians agreeing to do it and they won’t. Nothing is binding on anyone. One hundred billion dollars was “pledged,” for the rich countries to bribe the poor ones to co-operate.  No plan as to how the money would be doled out or controlled, but that won’t matter because the money will never be donated anyway.
Grandiose projections for something good to happen in 35 to 55 years when most of the people and governments involved won’t be around after five to 10. No mention about the world population doubling or tripling during the projected time frames. Simply planting more trees and providing birth control would be possible and would work, but that got lost in the pompous complicated bickering.
Sounds like the dis-functional United Nations at its best. Once again, a lot of talk, everyone agrees to meet again and goes home mostly ignoring the issue. A few suckers try to do what is right and their taxpayers pay the price.
The Trans-Pacific-Partnership wasn’t mentioned in the throne speech, nor was job creation which creates spin-off spending, payments to CCP and Employment Insurance and more taxes paid.
The Liberals seem almost solely focused on spending billions of dollars on transportation, housing, training, health care and such for 35,000 refugees and I am fine with that. But only if they spend an equal and extra amount, each, to properly feed, house, provide health care for and properly educate Canadian First Nations, our own homeless and hungry and our forgotten veterans and senior citizens. Why not? Don’t they also count? If we are going billions of dollars into debt, our own citizens deserve a piece of the action too.
I don’t understand the rush to get refugees here, other than to deliver on an ill-advised election promise. Why settle the majority of them in our most-expensive-to-live-in cities? Why kick our armed forces out of their housing? Our civil servants are unnecessarily being pushed well beyond their capabilities to make this work and that invariably creates disaster.
If only one or two of the 35,000 refugees turn out to be bad apples, the existing refugees and those that follow will surely pay a horrible price.
The ticket for a four-year ride with our new government will be much higher than expected. To be sure, our pain is self-inflected, but it appears we got what we apparently wanted.

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