Tuesday, 10 November 2015 15:30

Raw sewage, Bombardier and wasted tax dollars

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Such a big world.

So much room for all the bad boys to roam that I can only squeeze in a few. I narrowed my selection a bit when I picked some repeat offenders and why not Quebec? They always have more than their share of everything.
Montreal’s plan to dump eight billion litres of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River, is an excellent example of how this broke, on the take, over-unionized province deals with almost everything. What drives me nuts in a hurry is that they still feel a need to flaunt their “Holier-Than-Thou” attitude about dirty oil and evil pipelines and everyone else’s lack of consideration for the environment.
The same jaundiced attitude breaks out again when they expect everyone to speak French, but see no need to allow English to be an equal consideration. The regional health centre in Gaspe was ordered to not display signs in English because the people using the premises who spoke English did not make up 50 per cent or more. I’m OK with that if the rest of Canada uses the same criteria for signs in French.
Then there is the never-ending lame duck called Bombardier. The forever troubled train and plane maker is wallowing in the patronage trough again. Their C-series jet plane is behind schedule, over budget, under-committed for sales and plagued with development issues. That’s only a few of their less-than-virtuous attributes.
That Bombardier lost almost US$5 billion in the third quarter alone, is apparently no frivolous cause for concern. That several worldwide aircraft producers including China now can match or exceed the C-series technology doesn’t matter either.
As usual, politicians are blowing more of the taxpayers’ dollars to rush to the rescue. No need for making prudent choices or consider a decent return. The Quebec government is in for $1 billion and why not, they are already wallowing in red ink. Ottawa is expected to throw in another $1 billion, because the Liberals won the election on the strength of Quebec’s vote, according to Quebec.
Let’s not forget, that the Ontario and federal governments tossed in almost $14 billion from their “forever-grateful” taxpayers to prop up the failing auto industry in 2009.
Of that, $3.5 billion will never be seen again.
Distorting the market by picking only certain losers is one of the worst curses created by precursory governments, but a sure way to get and stay elected. Bombardier has been a loser for 50 years. It should have been bought out be a company that could turn a profit long ago, but I guarantee they will be back for more and they will get it at our expense.
If Alberta, Saskatchewan and the other provinces each get a few billion to blow on high-risk adventures from our voracious governments — which they should — the stupidity could go full circle.
In closing, while on my acerbic rant about sewage and airplanes, I’ll share the results from research at Auburn University in Alabama. They found plenty of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the interior surfaces of aircraft including the likes of E.coli and staphylococcus-aures which can live up to one week were on seats, arm-rests, window blinds, seat pockets toilet buttons and table trays.
The airlines aren’t charging extra for them yet. Have a nice next flight.

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