Wednesday, 16 September 2015 16:20

Please make the campaign go away now

Written by  Dael Ferrel
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As the Canadian election campaign grinds on day, after day, after day, I for one am — as I am sure most Canadians are — sick to death of it.

Numbness sets in and T.V. sets are switched off repeatedly in a futile effort to try to salvage our sanity and tranquility.
Just one day of the name calling and half truths, coupled with carefully selected, meaningless sound bites and “pie-in-the-sky” promises, never to be kept; would do me for a lifetime. Weeks turn into months of dirt digging and shouting matches. Carefully staged lauding, effusive crowds for backdrops are everywhere. Security is constantly removing any sign of opposition that might repudiate the spin of the day from hired iconoclasts trying to assuage our well-founded doubts.
Each party claims all the answers for everything while claiming the opposition has no answers at all. 
None of them can rightfully claim that to be true and all of them are spending millions of dollars hoping to cash in on our fallibility.
None of them have earned an ounce of reverence from a single voter as each continues to insult our common sense with their “B.S.-Baffles-Brains” attitudes.
No wonder voters are piqued by the actions of these clowns who pretend to be penitent in a vain attempt to invoke our reference or earn our infatuation.
 One must also blame the many lazy, thoughtless, reporters for supporting this travesty from start to finish. Asking the same stupid questions over and over, while knowing there will never be a meaningful answer does not constitute an interview.
Ambushing someone trying to move from one location to another borders on harassment.
Perhaps even assault when stuffing a dozen microphones up his nose. This is journalism at its absolute worst. Guessing what is going on from a distance is not on-the-spot reporting. Reporting that there is nothing to report is not a news highlight. This is only disgraceful conduct that burdens all real journalists throughout the world.
If other occupations and trades behaved so badly, we would be astounded. Can you imagine a doctor, dentist, welder, airline pilot, engineer, fireman or accountant getting by with such a deplorable performance?
So, in the end, after 75 days too many, it appears the meanest, most devious alligator in the swamp, who probably spent the most money, gets elected but can’t be impeached for not keeping his promises. This all happens because we complacently let it.
I believe 35 million Canadian voices screaming loudly that “we are fed up with this sham and we are not going to take it anymore” could bring the deprivation of our democracy and the malady in our minds to a screeching halt.

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