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Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:35

Can a spark of sanity offset the gathering of the unintelligent?

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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The  Federal Opposition with the usual full support of the CBC media, recently provided the perfect example of a gathering of the misguided, misinformed and downright confused.

In their haste to try and make the Conservative government look bad, they repeatedly “demanded” that Stephen Harper reveal every detail about our armed forces deployment in Iraq.
Our enemies must have been doing cartwheels of joy in the sand at the aspect of us giving them full information on the number of troops, when and where they would be deployed and even when they would be withdrawn.
To round out their stupidity, they demanded a vote in the house on the deployment. That must have had the Conservatives doing cartwheels of joy in the aisles of the House of Commons when they realized that they couldn’t even count.
They didn't seem to realize the Conservative majority would have made that exercise one of the most useless, wasteful acts ever contemplated in Parliament.
I am sure the Canadian military and the large majority of Canadians were feeling very ill at the thought of our opposition parties being in charge of anything.
Even the loyal, neurotic followers of the Liberals and NDP must have been shaking their heads in utter disbelief. It sure sparked my attempt at being an ebullient, palpable rapporteur.
As we endured week after week of speculation on the Scottish vote for independence, the dumb and dumber lazy media spewed out repeated babble-gaff about nothing. In the end, nothing was exactly what the whole thing was about. I predicted the outcome to the exact percentage points for a 55 per cent to 45 per cent no vote, long before the count was made.
Undeterred, the intractable media then rambled on, bombarding us with more useless nonentities about what might have been. Not a spark of ambition or a whiff of imagination in the whole works of these people. If only there was a way to interdict them for their incompetence, our world would be a much better place.
The Chinese rich have it figured right. Almost half of them have indicated they would consider leaving their country in the next five years. The majority of them picked Canada as their destination. While that does not say much for China, it says a lot about Canada. I would call that a giant spark of sanity on their part.
And speaking of sanity...
The recently-introduced program to give Regina high-school students credit for army training is a very sane idea.
Those who chose to participate will get double credits for taking basic military training during school days at the Regina Armoury.
For the 23 days of training, students will receive $2,000 pay as well. No commitments to the military after training make this a very attractive offer.
Trainees will get a good dose of exercise, improved self-worth, deportment and organizational and communication skills in a team environment.
I see this program going Canada wide in the next few years while being a win-win effort for everyone.

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