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Wednesday, 20 August 2014 15:57

The golden goose that ‘the Left’ loves to hate

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Alberta’s booming economy continues to grow, much to the vilified morose of its left-wing critics. Reducing green house emissions without curbing oil and gas production requires a delicate balance. Neither left-wing derision nor right-wing inequities will ever eradicate the acrimonious rift that exists to date.

As in most cases nascent reconciliation by some edified oracle can lead to the give and take required to best benefit the majority. Prime Minister Stephen Harper could be that person to make some attempt to control emissions to some extent in the oil and gas industry. That would also increase our nation’s chances for a pipeline to the U.S.A. The federal government promised regulations in 2006.
We are still waiting. That said, there is no need for over regulation that would curb growth and stall the entire Canadian economy.
The Bank of Montreal pointed out last March that nine of 10 new jobs in the past year were created in Alberta — a province with only 11 per cent of Canada's population.
The Canadian Conference Board rates Canada’s three oil-rich provinces including the rest of Canada’s dead beats as fifth of the world’s 16 richest countries. Our worst basket cases were Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Ontario, B.C. and P.E.I. rated only slightly better. Manitoba and Quebec were at the top of the bottom. 
Scintillating facts like that are hard to ignore no matter how hard the antediluvian left reviles the oil patch. High unemployment, limited funds for health care and social programs plus overall economic decline are not a pretty picture.
A one-horse driven economy is not ideal, but a no-horses one is a terrible alternative. Facts from 2011, point out every Albertan paid more than $5,000 more to the federal coffers than was received back in transfers. That is almost $19 billion for just one year.
Yet the two major Canadian provinces the make up about half of our population and are economic basket cases continue remain narcissistic and hell bent on mean mouthing Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.
No wonder some westerner once said: “Let those pompous eastern bast***s freeze in the dark.”
It has been brought to my attention that sanctimonious oil sands critics line up by the thousands at big-box stores to buy millions of cheap Chinese made items. They do it knowing that China is the most polluted place on the planet and continues to build another coal fired power plant every week. If we spend a fortune finding a cleaner way to do things they will steal it in a wink. Why do these critics chose to ignore a real problem?
These same critics ignore other basic facts as well. 
A wind-powered turbine uses roughly the first 10 years of its production to offset the pollution created in making it. It does not run forever and when it dies it leaves behind some very caustic elements to pollute our planet even more.
Another example: the pollution created in building a vehicle undoubtedly creates more of a problem than the pollution from the fuel it burns during its life time, but oil sands critics chose to dwell on the pollution created from gasoline because it is a derivative of oil.
And the beat goes on.          

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