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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 13:18

No equal access

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Equal access to our own tax dollars has long since become only a distant illusion.

My empiricism tells me that only very specific groups get to tap into our purses.
Some examples for you to consider are:
• Canada Post, our federal Crown corporation with a stranglehold on our mail delivery. They, in turn have been strangled by union demands that far exceed their waning revenue and their managers’ inability to balance the books or compete with private enterprise. Many of their used-to-be captive customers — myself included — have gone to the internet or their competition to get some decent service.
They reported a $104 million loss in their latest quarter. Last year the same quarter rang in at a $102 million loss, so their plight has only grown worse. They claim they don’t want to become a financial drain on the taxpayers, but we have heard that desultory tale before. Why should they be entitled to special treatment at our expense?
• “Equal access to justice is a major challenge.” That admonition sprouted from Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin as she lectured lawyers attending the annual Canadian Bar Association conference in Saskatoon.
All agreed that many Canadians can’t afford their services. They worried about  Canadians below the poverty line. They set some goals to be completed in 17 years, by 2030. The rich can afford their services. It appears the middle class is left without legal services while their taxes will go to pay for legal representation for the poor.
The report author, Melina Buckley, was also concerned by the number of people representing themselves. The aforementioned along with Canadian Bar President, Robert Brun, seem to have concluded that the answer was for government to pay for more legal services.
Their response to the problem leaves me a bit puzzled. It appears our system was made by lawyers for lawyers rather than their customers. I never heard even the slightest suggestion the lawyers themselves should reduce the costs for their services to help solve the problem. Only that the taxpayers through government should throw more money to them. Why should they be entitled to special treatment at our expense?
• Our federal politicians seemed to have forgotten they represent Canadians and we pay taxes hoping to get back a few services after they waste billions collecting and distributing the proceeds.
We have homeless, hungry, uneducated, suffering people throughout our dominion.
So why are we donating $100,000 to a children’s charity in England on behalf of the new royal baby Prince George? How much did his parents, grandparents and great grandparents spring for? They are the multi-millionaires, not us.
Our government is running a deficit and paying a huge amount for interest on it.
They say they can’t afford to increase CCP. The health-care system is strained to the limit. Food banks are overwhelmed. But politicians squandered over $1 billion on a horribly-planned G-20 event that accomplished practically nothing but blatant pork-barreling in a few politician’s constituencies to keep them elected.
We have provided money for aid to Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, Pakistan, Khazakistan, Turkey and many more. Most of that was terribly administered or wasted. Politicians easily find money for themselves and Senators’ perks and retirement packages. What has happened to politicians looking after the people who elect and finance them? 

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