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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 13:17

Stupid things I read this past weekend

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Sigh. Sometimes you feel like you’re living in your own episode of truTV’s World’s Dumbest ... show.

Maybe it’s because of Internet, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, but the new media sure exposes and adds to the regular head-shaking actions and opinions of people.
• The notion that Sask. Premier Brad Wall is actually getting blamed for the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ four-game slide. In case you hadn’t heard of the “Brad Wall Curse,” following one of the best starts in Riders’ history in the Canadian Football League  — eight wins, one loss — the Riders were about to head to Winnipeg to play the Blue Bombers in the Banjo Bowl Sept. 8. The Banjo Bowl moniker was coined by former Winnipeg kicker Troy Westwood who described Saskatchewan more than a decade ago as “banjo-pickers.” The media picked up the quote and the long-standing home and home series’ return game to Winnipeg was then called the Banjo Bowl.
Earlier in September, Wall went on YouTube and created a 19-second video where he takes a good-natured cheap shot at the Blue Bombers.
Well, the Riders lost the Banjo Bowl to the hapless Bombers and haven’t won a game since, losing all four games in a disastorous September. Kicker Chris Milos’ consecutive perfect field goal string was snapped and now actually has hit two uprights in September. They also managed to lose key players such as Kory Sheets, Rey Williams, Chris Best, and Ben Hennan.
Just because the Riders went Oh!-for-September, doesn’t mean it’s Wall’s fault. Pointing something like that out is co-in-cid-ence. There are no football gods, there is no tempting fate, the blame should go towards the fact the offensive co-ordinator refuses to roll his quarterback out of the pockets in order to make something happen. No screen passes, making hall-of-fame receiver Geroy Simon pass block and Darian Durant cannot make simple throws. If Wall’s YouTube posting can cause this misfortune then he indeed is the most powerful, forget popular, politician in Canada. 
• I saw this Kijiji ad posted on another website and unfortunately (or fortunately) has a Swift Current link to it. Unedited:
“Alright so here’s the deal, i am selling my 2005 Hummer for parts or repair, its been deemed a total loss through sgi and is repairable. I made the bright decision to get all pissed up one night with some broads down in swift current, it was a night fueled by alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs (LSD). I ended up hitting a meridian while i was swerving for ‘panda bears’ which than sent me flying into a parked vehicle. Cops showed up and had me in cuffs instantly, at this point i was naked with blue and red face painting on along with two other females in the vehicle (they too were naked) No injuries thank god but i had blown 4 times the legal limit. Of course i do not have any insurance to fix this ‘once beautiful ride’ I am making the adult decision to cut my losses and use this money to pay for my rehabilitation center for drugs and alcohol abuse down in beautiful British Columbia.” ’Nuff said.
• I want to know the tweeters, Facebookers and those people creeping websites who are that drive up the popularity of some of the most useless information out there ... its celebrities. And before I get ripped for “if you don’t like it, don’t look at it” I wish I could, but I’m watching TMZ or do-do-do-do-do, da-da-da da ... Entertainment Tonight, it’s plastered on well respected agencies such as Post Media Network (Regina Leader Post, Calgary Herald), Sun Media, CBC etc. I don’t care about who’s twerking; the latest on Miley, Khloe, Kendall, Kim, Kanye, Katy, Taylor, Justin (either one) or live chats about the series finale of Breaking Bad and its relevence within today’s society or if it’s better than MASH or Seinfeld as all time greatest series. (Exhale)...
Maybe the reason we don’t have enough time to do things like I don’t know spend time with family, talking with — not texting with — friends or getting off our lazy butts and getting some exercise is because we’re worried about things which have no actual real relevance in our day to day lives. Sure, have a hobby, enjoy sports, good entertainment, but we all need to get a firm grip on reality.
They call these mobile pieces of instant entertainment smartphones. Smartphones my ...
Ryan Dahlman is managing editor with the Prairie Post.  Email him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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