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Thursday, 04 July 2013 08:20

A lack of accountability hurting gov’t

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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 I'm afraid I will never understand why we "common" Canadians continue to remain in a state of insouciance while politicians and others sworn to serve us hoodwink the hell out of us while governing themselves.

Should a professional in sartorial garb really be beyond reproach like the rest of us? Should their fallibility followed by a contrite performance entitle them to unquestionable redemption? Should they actually be allowed to govern their inextricably horrible behaviour from within?
I say this has to come to a quick end. In no particular order, I'll cite a few examples in an attempt to get you to contemplate how out of control the problem has become:
A Regina doctor recently had his licence to practice permanently revoked by an internal board from the College of Physicians and Surgeons after misconduct toward six patients, five of a sexual nature. That the doctor had been disciplined four times over 13 years tells me that these internal reviews were far too lax and a perfect example of this lack of accountability.
Lawyers, police and politicians also have established internal boards. They have repeatedly demonstrated delays and cover ups that should not be allowed to happen. Some good investigative news reporting has managed to show us the tip of the ice berg and that alone should turn our equanimity into contemplating a large demonstration of our dissatisfaction.
The ever useless, expensive, self-governing Canadian Senate serves only one useful purpose: that being to expose how out of control too many of these groups have become. They still have no regular, ongoing process from outside to monitor them.
As our MPs returned home for their long summer vacations, not a single rule has changed for monitoring their $450 million in expenses they blow through annually. No way the Auditor General will get a look at their books. Their Board of Internal Economy — the only place where they can all agree on anything meets behind closed doors and minutes released by them are sparse and mostly long delayed.
Ordering expensive upgrades to their play-pens for hundreds of millions of dollars with vague explanations void of the most basic details is criminal. Their latest accomplishment was to give themselves a 6 per cent raise for travel expenses.
The NDP, in a recent effort to make us believe that they really want accountability, offered to only "study" the existing fiasco. In a roundabout way, the Liberals and Conservatives sort of arrived at the same procedure to do nothing.
So why do any of these people deserve a raise for anything? If you want try to envision a final act of absurdity think of the RCMP investigating the Senate while the Senate investigates them.             

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