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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 10:45

Other companies, teams should make off like Bandits too

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Other companies, teams should make off like Bandits too Photo by Phil MacCallum Hockey Canada Images

The Brooks Bandits did themselves proud by winning the RBC Cup on Sunday and reigning as the best Junior A hockey team in Canada.

The team is obviously talented from the netminder Michael Frederick’s goalcrease on out. The team had the best Junior A player in Canada in captain Cam Maclise and the best coach in the country in Ryan Papaioannou. Both were honoured with those awards in Summerside PEI during the RBC Cup tournament last week.
Numerous other players were named to first and second team all-stars for the tournament, as well as winning numerous Alberta Junior Hockey League season awards.
While they deserve the bulk of the credit for the team’s success — without the proper coaching of some outstanding talent that was assembled, none of this would be possible.
However, one group of people who should be given a tip of the cap is the Bandits’ administration.
The five-member executive led by team President Dave Hemsing and nine board of directors have done a masterful job of assembling a top-notch team. Allow the experts to be the experts in their field. Keep a pulse of what’s going on and let them do their jobs. Voila: you have one hell of — not only a hockey team — an operation.
The scouts, the coaches, the trainers, etc. have done a masterful job in allowing Papaioannou to do his thing.
In separate interviews with Q105’s Dennis Seibel and the Fan 960’s Pat Steinberg, the young coach refused to savour the national Coach of the Year title, deferring to the team around him. While in some cases, being modest is just a line, with Papaioannou, it’s legitimate. In his tone, you can tell, he truly appreciates what the organization has done to contribute to the Bandits’ success this year and last year (reaching the Western Canadian Regionals).
The Bandits have a slick looking logo which is a marketing team’s dream; they have a new arena which would be the envy of many teams in not only the league, but the region and they have fans who will heavily support the club through game-day purchases such as souveniers, concessions, beer sales, filled luxury boxes, 50-50 tickets and other game day draws.
The Bandits’ administration has done it right — nothing but first class — and they deserve all the awards and accolades they receive.
It goes to show would good management is able to do. Good and progressive decision-making can and has the opportunity to result in success.
While they say bad and ugly stuff rolls downhill, the same can apply to good leadership and proper handling of a team. Good things can happen.
The Bandits will undoubtedly be reaping the financial rewards. They already saw it in that they can garner some solid support during the playoffs and the 50-50 draws were pulling in ridiculously-high numbers this year. The playoff 50-50 draws were consistently pulling thousands of dollars, numbers which would make many sports franchises envious.
Next season can only be looking even better which is amazing considering this season, they are the best in Canada.
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