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Wednesday, 03 April 2013 16:33

Places I’d rather not be

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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While I count my blessings and good fortune to be a citizen of the greatest nation in the world, there are many places where I’d rather not be.

As I often discuss how our good fortune evolved, many Canadians more learned than I, believe our windfall came about more by good luck than good management.
I believe they are on to something in that regard. The management of our great wealth has suffered many acts of dissipation by egregious, euphemistic  governance. Their acts of ostentation, patronage and disingenuous explanations for their stupidity, thus avoiding their deprivation of power, leave me in a near constant state of perplexity. That there is no real need for this. Also, no logical reason why most of it should not suffer the greatest condemnation and pleas from the general public for something much better. 
Any time you are having a “bad hair day” as a Canadian, I urge you to consider a few examples I am about to share with you that may help improve your perspective.
Much of the middle east, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many of their neighbouring countries have been locked in constant, bloody combat from within and with each other for thousands of years.
Anyone else dumb enough to try to intercede to improve their pestilential way of life or for less well intended reasons have always met with total disaster themselves. War Lords, dictatorships, religious hatred and the terribly poor treatment of women fuel the carnage further increased by more modern weapons. The suffering, waste and insanity are horrific.
The living hell on earth called North Korea is bad beyond an explanation and would be next on my list.
Venezuela has so much potential but suffers from well-meaning, but unskilled left-wing dictatorships. While their late leader, Hugo Chavez received high praise as a great patron of the poor from the likes of our past prime minister Jean Chretien and U.S. past president Jimmy Carter, I strongly disagree with their take on his accomplishments.
Chavez, his thug buddies and their death squads pocketed billions of dollars during their ruination of a country with one of the worst economic records in the world and out-of-control inflation. His friends the Castro brothers from Cuba are also recognized for similar behaviour and stashing a few billion bucks during their efforts to help the people.
If only an educated, business-orientated democratic government could somehow evolve, Venezuela’s tremendous natural resources could be developed to full potential for all. They could become the next Canada.
 As they struggle now, turning away everyone who could help them to achieve greatness, their hard-left dictators don’t seem to understand a basic issue that causes them to frighten away the very people who could help them.
Only slightly improved from the aforementioned countries, are Italy, Greece and most of their neighbours. Democracies yes, but governed by the very rich who can often buy their elections but seldom do more than continue the ever downward demise of their countries. Mired in debt from left wing give-a-aways with no comprehension of a balanced budget, they seriously court the point of no return
To make my point, let me dwell on just Italy as an example. Front and centre, Silivo Berlusconi, their ancient billionaire politician who once compared himself to Jesus Christ. He had to step down 18 months ago due to the Italy’s financial woes. He is now back with a plurality in the upper house, or Senate, and is part of a coalition in the lower house.
Mario Monte, a technocrat who has the hard news formula to straighten out the mess is not well accepted by the Italians because they are in denial and don’t like his reality.

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