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Thursday, 10 January 2013 11:19

Nothing changes with a new year

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Ringing in the new year provides an opportunity for many people throughout the world to pledge to do a few things better. Not so for American politicians. They did exactly what I predicted; just enough to get re-elected.


Literally nothing was accomplished in the national interest. The deficit continues to rise and any logical solution has been punted down the road where further inaction is guaranteed.
The hundreds of hours of repetitive, meaningless babble about nothing of consequence by the media was really a pathetic exhibition of their laziness and stupidity.
I was amazed even the stock market fell, rose and fell again while nothing of consequence happened.
Until taxes are raised and spending is reduced, the beat goes on. The Americans must stop getting involved in useless stupid wars, develop friendly sources for their energy needs and reign in their lobbyists and left- and right-wing radicals.
Politicians created the economic crisis, then forced themselves to do as little as possible to deal with it. Out-of-control debt and spending will continue and reasonable efforts to curb that are not in the making. So Americans are now harnessed with more government debt per capita than the Greeks. Granted they still have more capacity to deal with it, if only their politicians ever come to their senses. It all begs ramped up nihilism from the electorate whose ennui is at an all time high.
Evenly divided voters with only two parties to vote for are victims of the deadlock. I suggest the American voters start a petition with specific criteria to resolve their financial crisis.
It should include a pledge to never again vote for any, or all of their existing politicians, if a real solution is not  achieved within the next six months. Since getting re-elected is the only thing that matters the desired action would come quickly.
• Canadian MPs are also due for a wake up call. The Speaker of the House should be given more power to stop the childish, shameful, wasteful antics we must endure on a daily basis. MPs who ask a stupid question and those who respond with meaningless answers should be challenged by the Speaker and tossed if they can’t get it right.
Standing Orders or written rules of the house should be used to amend several acts, including a  stoppage of omnibus bills and closed-door committee meetings.
MPs behaving badly should be  ejected from the house for seven days, fined $500 and have all wages, perks and expenses frozen for the same duration. No contact with the press during that period should be mandatory. For the second offence in a given year the penalty should be doubled. Each offence thereafter, tripled.  To keep it simple, run our country like a business, not a kid’s playpen, because it is by far the biggest business we own.
On another note, the insane relationship the free world has with Pakistan and the surrounding area continues to amaze me. We try to buy their friendship with billions of dollars in free aid. They reciprocate by supporting thousands of terrorists who are killing our NATO-led armed forces in Afghanistan. They hide Bin Laden. The U.S.A. then illegally invades their territory and kills him. The Americans do more of the same using unmanned drones to blow away terrorists leaders; then send more money while their resources go undeveloped due to a lack of funds and their debt sky-rockets. 
I suggest we quietly and quickly leave the area, never to return and never to send any more aid. 

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