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Wildrose missing in action on southern Alberta issues

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ABP for missing leader, Alberta opposition: Danielle ... Danielle Smith ... where are youuuu?

In a time where there was a distress signal for a hero sent up by numerous people and groups more often than a Batman movie/comic book, there seems to be no hero/heroine to save them.
There has been late reaction to numerous issues including the rats in Medicine Hat; the extremely controversial decision of shutting down the Little Bow Continuing Care Centre in Carmangay and the uprooting of the police college in Fort Macleod after more than a million dollars has already been spent not to mention the payout to contractors for pulling out of the projects.
Let’s not forget Doug Horner’s quarterly report given to Albertans on the state of the Alberta economy where last year’s (at the same juncture in time) more than 30-page detailed document shrunk down to fewer than 10 pages. In fact, the Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation’s Scott Hennig called the lack of detail “insulting.”
There are many theories on the subject: disorganization, poor planning, poor decision making, easily swayed by the wishes of Calgary and Edmonton over the wishes of rural Albertans or even the conspiracy theory that the Alberta Conservatives are punishing all the areas in southern Alberta who voted Tory Blue out and ushered in Wildrose pink and green.
Yes, it’s been interesting and frightful times anywhere south of Calgary these days with any riding that elected a Wildrose MLA.
Where the heck are the Wildrose MLAs? Anyone hear of them complaining? Where is the smooth-talking Danielle Smith? Hello? Gotham City is calling you to save them or at least fight for them yet the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler are all running roughshod over your community? There has been more than ample opportunity to slam the government of perceived wrong doing, wasted money spent, disgustingly poor organization, callous decision-making, etc.
Alison Redford went to the T-ball holder, put the ball on the T-ball stand, handed you a 32-ounce bat so you could drive it out of the park.
And ... nothing. Not a whimper, not a peep. Here’s a question for you Wildrose members at no charge, on the house to pose to Redford: if decisions like this are made and destroy smaller communities, thus forcing even more people into cities or out of Alberta altogether, doesn’t this major increase of pressure on urban infrastructure or the loss of taxpayers scare the provincial government?
You’re welcome Ms. Smith.
This indifference or seemingly inexplicable inactivity signals to the Alberta electorate Wildrose leadership is not organized or as the newbies are just happy to be there and enjoying the government perks.
Were Wildrose’s heavy hitters on vacation? If they were in Alberta on holidays, they would have noticed some localized outcries or at the very least protested while the legislature isn’t in session when the government has to answer to all of these issues in the house. Tsk, tsk tsk.
No, what we get is a Wildrose opposition who sends some no-name, deer-in-the-headlights MLA to the Horner unveiling of the quarterly results. Stammering, she didn’t sound like someone a voter had confidence in to stand up to the big, bad government. In fact, Hennig seemed to be the only one who had a clue. I wonder if the CanadianTaxpayers’Federation wants to become a political party instead of a fiscal watchdog.
Regardless, the Wildrose had better get its act together fast or the Conservatives will run roughshod over rural Alberta.
If the Wildrose didn’t say anything so as to not to look like a rural party, then congrats to them, after the next election, Wildrose won’t even be a party and instead just an answer to some Alberta political trivia.
Ryan Dahlman is managing editor of the Prairie Post. Contact him about this opinion piece at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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