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Friday, 15 June 2012 10:43

Left wing’s tunnel vision

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Do you remember when a hundred or so hapless ducks missed being gunned down by duck hunters when they chose a tailings pond for a lethal touchdown a few years ago? Tree huggers emerged into the bright lights of hundreds of willing media cameras and turned the nasty incident into “the very reason all operations in the oil sands should cease immediately.” They played the incident ad nauseam for years.

Yes, it was a nasty incident and the oil company involved was wrong. They were fined dearly for their unintended remission.
This a a shining example of how intent the left wingers are on trashing the oil sands. Their tunnel vision leaves me questioning their power of reasoning.
Please consider the following examples of real major environmental incidents.
Yet another Air Canada plane recently developed a serious problem. It blew a motor (can you say improper maintenance) spewing motor parts over a major Canadian city, damaging several vehicles, but thankfully no people. They then dumped a sizable, estimated 50 or more tons of fuel from an estimated total load of 150 tons into Lake Ontario. I have not heard a single tree hugger express the slightest concern. I can surmise it would only have mattered if they had hit a precious duck.
Many of birds are killed every year in North America by radio and television towers, but I guess that doesn’t matter because they are not linked to the oil sands.
Last September, our federal government identified 142 contaminated sites across our country. Those were only the ones that had completed the first eight steps of a lengthy, complicated procedure that qualifies them for remedial action.
Thousands of potential sites await the less than timely action of the bureaucrat, but alas, they are not the big bad oil sands so hardly a murmur from the big green machine.
For years, scientists have been trying to get an estimate of how much garbage is adrift in the oceans. The Japanese tsunami has now added an estimated five million tonnes of debris but that is only one per cent of the estimated total.
Pollution has been detected at more than 100 feet below the surface, some of it carrying bacteria and algae to new areas where they could become evasive. Plastic has been ingested by fish and entangled fish and birds. An estimated 100,000 marine mammals die of trash related exposure annually. Chemicals now form a serious threat as they drift for thousands of miles with winds and tides.
No other major events seem to mater, but for those devils in the tar sands. If the tar sands critics hope to gain the slightest credibility with myself and the vast majority of Canadians,they had better lose their tunnel vision and get in touch with the big picture in the rest of the world.

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