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Redford cabinet is bare (of southern Alberta)

Written by  By Rose Sanchez
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Media, politicians and political analysts were quick to weigh in on Wednesday morning, after Alberta Premier Alison Redford named her 19-member Cabinet — a reduction from 21 this time around.

According to the Lethbridge Herald, Lethbridge Mayor Rajko Dodic said, “It’s a slap in the face for the people of Lethbridge.”
Lethbridge elected both its PC MLAs but Greg Weadick, who held the ministry of Advanced Education last time around, was given the associate minister position for Municipal Affairs. The rest of southern Alberta, excluding Banff and Calgary, went to the Wildrose, effectively limiting the number of cabinet positions for the southern half of the province.
Even a political scientist in Lethbridge couldn’t see why Redford wouldn’t have given the two Lethbridge MLAs Cabinet posts.
Is not having a cabinet minister from Southern Alberta that detrimental? We think not.
As the governing party elected by the majority of voting Albertans, it is up to the Progressive Conservatives to ensure they are representing the best interests of all Albertans.
It will be incumbent on those Cabinet ministers hailing from Calgary, Edmonton and the northern portion of Alberta to make sure they are spending time in southern Alberta, speaking with people and seeing projects promised prior to their election moved forward.
Wildrose MLAs in southern Alberta will also have to make sure they are holding the government accountable and demanding fair and equal access for all parts of the province. It’s not just their responsibility. Every resident also needs to hold the ruling government’s feet to the fire and be vocal and demand equal treatment of their  concerns.
The provincial government represents the interest of every Albertan, whether that person voted PC, Wildrose, Alberta Liberal, NDP or Alberta Party.
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