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Bliss and Diss: Your comments on what's bugging or pleasing you

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Your thoughts, for the week of Jan. 9-13:

Bliss: Congrats to the Cypress Hills Winery on yet another award. They run a first-class operation there. Good job Marty and Marie!

Diss: Come live in Medicine Hat. Taxpayers are paying for street sweeping in the first week in January.

Diss: Why do celebrities have to come up with such ridiculous names? Blue Ivy Carter for a first name? Really?

Diss: Darn. Already broke my new year’s resolution on eating healthier. Why does the bad for you food always taste better?

Diss: Now there’s a class action lawsuit against the CWB for $15.6 billion. Give it up already. It’s over.

Diss: More candidates lining up for the provincial Conservative trough. I guess they saw how easy to was for (soon-to-be- ex-Medicine Hat MLA) Rob Renner, why not?

Bliss: Thank you to all the City of Swift Current employees working hard on the streets and around town. You never get any credit and you should.

Bliss: The weather in southwest Saskatchewan has been beautiful. Hopefully we don’t pay for it later.

Diss: Does anybody go on Facebook anymore?

Diss: I’m sure she’s a nice person, but the media covers Kate Middleton way too much. Enough.

Bliss: Loved the pig spleen predictions. Thanks Prairie Post for running them. Sure miss Gus.

Bliss: Ha ha. Looks like XL Keystone Pipeline is done. More environment saved.

Diss: My next door neighbour doesn’t realize or care his yappy dog keeps the neighbourhood awake at night.

Diss: Why do Medicine Hat drivers insist on not signalling? Is the signal mechanism on vehicles too hard to push?

Diss: The service at a new restaurant in Medicine Hat wasn’t good. Good luck selling that to customers.

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