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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 14:30

From sunny ways to bummer days

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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I must speculate that while our prime minister is traveling the world and doing town hall meetings across Canada, that he finds that much more to his liking than spending some time in parliament or actually governing our country.

I will further speculate that while the “selfies” are easy to do — governing is not.
So 180,000 government employees remain in limbo about their pay and I am sure their performance is waning accordingly.
To quote Roman Klimowicz, the former principal analyst from the Treasury board Secretariat, “every time a contract is amended, it becomes more complicated and unstable.”
 Thus the $5 million Phoenix contract with IBM has rocketed to $180 million through amendments thanks to the excruciating convolutions by Trudeau’s government.  
The Phoenix pay debacle has a new twist as the mess will surely raise holly hell with  employees’ taxes for 2017.
The boys and girls at the barely functioning, understaffed Canada Revenue will surely tax the overpayment with glee!
Speaking of Canada Revenue, while other governments throughout the world have already recouped half a billion dollars from off shore tax evaders, Canada has garnered nothing.  
The Liberal government is only spending 50% to 70%  of what is needed to fulfill its promise to end boil water advisories for First Nations.
Add this broken promise to dozens  more and its obvious that the business of doing business is sadly lacking.
They seem to be able to get their “get elected” promises on taxation and carbon pricing going quickly.
They are right on schedule to rake in $500 million on GST charges from four provinces that they promised they would not tax in any way.
If the insane program to increase the carbon tax from $10 per tonne in 2018  is combined with adding $10 per tonne more for each of the next four years, the total tax grab will be $2 1/2 billion by 2022.
Canada is so dysfunctional that they have yet to add a single person to the terrorist traveller’s  U.N. sanctions list.
That while they claim they are using “ALL” available tools to locate, detain and convict  citizens who travelled out of country to help terrorist organizations.
So our terrorists go undetected as they travel from country to country!
With interest rates finally rising, about one in three Canadians could soon be on the verge of being unable to service their debt. Many will go bankrupt.
The Liberal government has not a clue as to how to alleviate the crisis.
 They simply add more fuel to the fire with their ill thought increases in taxes and the ever ballooning federal deficit. Trudeau and Morneau are both wallowing in serious ethics and conflict of interest issues and are in denial.  
“Sunny Ways” are rapidly becoming “Bummer Days.”  Spurred on by arrogance, and solely focused on style while only providing careless governance  vs. down to earth thoughtful ideas, they blunder onward.
How much more damage they will inflict on our Dominion in two more years is a speculation I don’t even want to start to envision.
I must close off this one with some food for thought on an unrelated but very iimportant issue. The California wild fires have caused terrible pain, suffering and loss of life.
Now  mud slides created by rain on an area barren of trees and vegetation are adding more suffering and billions of dollars in losses. Very expensive vineyards and farmland have been laid to waste for many years.
To the best of my knowledge not one person has been charged with starting the fires although thousands of fire fighters and police are working untold extra hours of overtime on or near every scene.

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