Friday, 27 July 2018 08:49

Will science Trump silliness

Written by  By Dale Ferrel
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Our world is awash in an absurd, malicious, nebulous disparage, totally lacking apathy. Despots and dummies grapple with reality.

Equanimity and compulsion should trump reproach and condemnation. If all else fails, I hope, inevitably, science will save the day. That said, the salacious Federal Liberals refuse to let science interrupt their ill-thought, poorly executed brain misadventures. Perspectives are overwhelmed by abstruse, persnickety, failures.
NAPTA is in a shambles that will cost everyone in the game. The EU Trade Agreement is going nowhere. The chance of all 28 antagonistic, European countries, engulfed in the flaming red of constant hysteria and apprehension agreeing to anything is nil. Retorts abound while antidotes, few and far between, are losers to constant contentions.
And yet, our federal government would have us believe that all is well! Even while our economy lost 7,500 jobs in May, Trudeau partied on. He celebrated by hosting a G-7 two-day lavish party for five world high-rollers, himself and part of a one-day stop by President Trump who again defied any concept of reality and insulted everyone present. Noticeably absent, were several representatives of countries like China, India and Russia; all bigger world players than most of those present.
The party cost Canadian taxpayers $605 million or about $100 for every Canadian family of six! My math reveals that about 300 person hours of partying, including nap time, cost about $2 million per hour! As per normal, a vague pre-written announcement, seldom followed up by anyone was released after the party broke up. The race between host countries to try to spend more than their predecessors continues.
Had the party money been spent to help the 10,000 veterans we have living on the street, they could have received $60,500 each.
So much for the Liberal chant that they are here to serve the interests of the Canadian middle class and the poor.
The Liberal boondoggle to tax Canadians to death to save the world is made up of a very few select criteria to try to bilk us into accepting it. To make my point, they selectively ignore pure science put forward when picking winners and losers for their plan.
Canada has almost a trillion acres of forest, 370 million acres of wetlands and 167 million acres of cropland. 
All carbon sinks, that is they absorb carbon. Biologists claim an acre of trees absorbs over 2 1/2 tons of carbon annually.
Therefore Canada’s trees absorb over 2 1/2 billion tons of carbon a year. Just our forests absorb nearly four times the carbon we emit! Thus three times the amount we need to break even, we gift the rest of the world!
Further, all of the carbon absorbed by our wetlands and farming provide even more of a bonus.
Speaking of Carbon sinks, an additional bonus has been found along the edges of the Bay Of Fundy.  The mud and plants absorb three to fives the amount of carbon absorbed by trees. So called “Blue Carbon” could provide hundreds of millions of dollars worth of carbon-offset credits, if required. 
A new industry is growing out of oil sands waste.
$100 million worth of research has developed technology to extract valuable metals.
Canadian Natural Resources and Titanium Corp. are proposing a $400 million facility at CNR’s Horizon site. The extracted zircon is used to make ceramic tiles while titanium is used in producing parts for aircraft, missiles, bicycles and golf clubs. Thus, waste reduced at a profit!
Should my expectations be premeditated resentments? Absolutely; if the Liberals continue to impose their carbon tax in spite of all the science they deliberately ignore. 

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