Thursday, 07 June 2018 06:39

Some tantalizing tid-bits to ponder

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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WHAT ABOUT TRUMP & HARPER? While most of the world lives in “la-la- land” Trump and Harper got this one right. Iran is running fast and loose with the “De-Nuke” agreement engineered by Obama and friends.


Iran is flooding the world market with oil and driving down prices for most of the others in the game. Also using oil profits to fund and arm terrorist organizations world wide. They continue to enhance their ballistic missile program and I believe they moved their nuclear war head development to North Korea. Iran has pledged to destroy Israel and would attempt to obliterate anyone who is not of their liking, including the clowns who made the initial horrible deal with them to start with.
WHAT ABOUT THE NEW RCMP COMMISSIONER? Commissioner Lucki appears to be off to a good start to right the many wrongs suffered by her members. We will never know what went on behind closed doors but  a recent announcement by her governing bosses indicated some progress is being made.
 I know, as a member of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, that our president sent a memo to the garrulous Minister of Public Safety, Goodale. Therein, in no uncertain terms are concerns we feel should receive immediate action.
Duly noted that Border Service Officers received a17.5% raise over four years and RCMP officers should be considered for at least the same. Mention was also made about thousands of vacant positions. 4% of the force is on sick leave, over 1.5% on parental leave and that when combined with a 6.6% vacancy rate, totals 12.1%, or 2,160.
The government provided a mandate letter to Commissioner Lucki to fix many issues.  But talk is cheap and I’m waiting to see some much needed funding. An RCMP Reserve program made up of retired police officers will be expanded from 400 to 1,200. An increased 1,280 cadets will train in 2018. Finally, some light at the end of the long dark nadir.
WHAT ABOUT THE PIPELINE YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF? While the aimless people running the  broken B.C., Alberta and federal governments continue to screw up and defile a pipeline, a new player has emerged. Welcome the Eagle Spirit Energy Pipeline, headed by CEO Calvin Helin, a member of the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation located on the North Coast near Prince Rupert, B.C. The 1,500 KM long pipe line could carry up to two million barrels of medium to heavy crude per day from Fort McMurray to tide water on the B.C. coast. The $16 billion investment already has the backing of the Aquilini Investment Group in Vancouver.
The new, absurd B.C. west coast tanker ban is already subject to a constitutional challenge by the Lax Kw’alaams band. Their claim, as good or better than the others against a pipeline, is that they were not properly consulted which is discriminatory and infringes on their rights.
Should their court challenge fail, their back up option will surely go ahead! They already have an agreement with the landowner across the Alaskan border in Hyder, the Alaska government and all native groups along the proposed route. Thus, supertankers would load up outside of Canada’s jurisdiction and leave by way of the Portland Channel.
 The major players in the oil patch in Calgary, no longer exasperated and apprehensive, are celebrating their solace with great consolation! “nothing”, can prevent this from going ahead! Too bad for Canada and B.C. Their dishevelled ignorance will cost them dearly!

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