Thursday, 24 May 2018 06:46

Welcome to the new dominion of west-central Canada

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Western Canadians have been strong, patient and forgiving for about 115 years. That said; everyone has a breaking point.

 I anticipate, with certitude, that the never ending disconcerting incongruities from the East will finally push the West to a point where there is no reason to endure being a part of the federal derision and nefarious treatment.
With nothing to lose; everything to gain and about two thirds of the population of the prairie provinces unhappy, separation is a no brainer! I have a long list of the benefits for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba when they form their new country:
1. No more unequal equalization payments. 
2. No more taxes paid to the federal government of Canada.
3. No more money wasted on bilingualism.
4. No more carbon taxes.
5.  Our only port, and all that is needed, would be Churchill. Two armed icebreakers and two armed frigates would be our coast-guard; no navy required.  A pipeline, modern highway, railway and port would allow for shipping our grain, oil and other goods not sent through the United States.
6. Only a very  small properly equipped army and airforce, for defence only, would do.
7. No links with the U.N. or NATO, but affiliations  with N.O.R.A.D and the U.S.A.
8. One judicial, penal, customs and policing system for all.
9. One efficient system for health, education, highways, railways and airports.
10. The same for taxation, investment regulations and trade, both within and outside.
11. No more neutral gender garbage.
12. No more useless world travel.
13. No more Senate or other useless forms of duplication and replication.
14. Replace Indian Affairs but an equal, sensible agreement with First Nations.
15. Only Foreign Aid distributed by church groups that guarantee on site delivery.
16. Immigration by properly controlled, legal means only.
17. No more Phoenix payroll system. 18. A sensible, fair electoral system.
19. Like Quebec, our own systems for CCP, OAP, welfare and disability pensions.
20. No more Governor General or Lt. Governors and no more monarchy tributes.
21. A reasonable, fair, opting out of any responsibility for Canada’s deficit.
*** Unless British Columbia acquires a properly functioning government with a decent sense of reality, they would not be invited to join. They would not receive any goods or services from West Central Canada, nor will any of their products be allowed to come in.
The right for them to join would remain, but only under the aforementioned criteria.
An open invitation for Ontario would also be extended and I venture that offer would be seriously considered.
We our holding the cards that really matter; let’s play them. Our three Premiers should hold a joint meeting ASAP to draft their intentions, then notify the Federal and B.C. Governments.
Then the rest of Canada can suffer the consequences of their own making,  while we experience being one of the most efficient, richest countries in the world!



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