Thursday, 10 May 2018 10:14

Political thoughts about thoughtlessness

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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SELF MADE UGLY: Humankind has always craved companionship, friendship and support.

It can be found many ways. Work groups, social, sports, study and church groups can provide it.
We seem to be drifting way as we communicate mostly by way of our high tech equipment. Person to person, eye to eye and hand in hand are a thing of the past. What really disturbs me is what many are using to fill the need for recognition and acceptance.
Our world is littered with pathetic, mutilated, disfigured bodies, pierced and tattooed, sporting purple, orange, pink, and green hair.  Ball caps on sideways and pants revealing the upper crack of their posteriors do little to enhance their plight. For crying out, see me and acknowledge me, hold me and hug me.  But who in their right mind is turned on by a metal laden human being?
Sadly, they won’t accept that their self-made ugliness is turning away everyone but those like them who are also locked into the calamity as they too crave some companionship. There is a better way’s called retrogression. Yes, back to what worked well in the past, but I fear they will never find it.
WHAT IS A JURY OF ONE’S PEERS? There is a movement afoot to be more selective of persons for jury duty. I get that, but the pitfalls surrounding jury selection leave me with several questions for the people tasked to improve the system. First the payment for jurors, other than professional witnesses is ridiculously low and should be improved. Our trickle down from British common law suggests that a person being tried should be tried by a jury of their peers. Does this mean that a transgendered  person 20 years of age should get a jury of 12 persons like them? Should a 60 year old plumber get a jury of 60 year old plumbers? Should a Latino serial killer get a jury of Latino serial killers? Should a Jewish professor get a jury of all Jewish professors? So where do we draw the line now that we are stumbling down the dark path of political correctness?
HIDING IN HALIFAX:  As I write this article, the federal Liberals are hiding out in Halifax.  Gathering any where west of New Brunswick would have been a disaster. They certainly needed some revelations and uplifting moments being hard pressed to focus on anything positive or meaningful.
They are certainly not discussing their screw up with pipelines, or the “desperate damned”  that are our war vets and natives. Not a word on the much promised change to our electoral system. They aren’t flaunting their terrible deficit, their leader’s ill fated world travels, or the pot obfuscation.
I heard nothing about the $87 billion in investment that has fled Canada or the $40 billion a year lost from oil revenues due to their deplorable decisions. Nothing about our entire nation being held ransom by three Green Party members of the B.C. legislature and few hundred hippies breaking the law in every way imaginable. 
 They are probably practising their ill-advised speech”; you know, starting every announcement that they are “working very, very hard” and taking governing “very, very seriously.” But that insidious crap is wearing thin as they continue to do practically nothing and doing the rest very badly. 
Perhaps they are celebrating the unveiling of their new play pen on parliament hill.
The Liberals will take up the majority of the 338 seats for the total overhaul of the parliament complex, estimated to ring in at about $3 billion. How can they blow that much money and keep a straight face after wasting $40 million in the last two years on legal fees to deprive our war vets. of their much needed entitlements?
Their perverted, impetuous audacity and lack of retribution boggles my mind. Wake up Canada before it is too late to castigate the repugnant out of control Liberal hordes.

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