Thursday, 26 April 2018 06:54

Pillaged, plundered, and indignant

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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As winter grudgingly concedes to spring and cabin fever seeps from our cold and unhappy bodies many Canadians are already in a foul mood.

Our seditious governments, brimming with condescending, exasperating, malarkey and poppycock are rocketing our zealous anger to an even higher level.
Incalculable deceit and procrastination laced with a torrent of insidious humbugs and deprivation by our political popinjays are pushing us to our collective wits end. Their only salvation,  no immediate elections to allow us to vent our pent up frustrations by summarily tossing them from office.
The federal Liberals are a calamity, masquerading  as a government. They are wallowing in a sea of seditious, ubiquitous, even implicated near criminal farces.  Their babble gaff  talking points lie to us that they are working very hard and taking everything very seriously, while they real truth is obvious and pathetic. Everything is studied to death and delayed as, unable make decisions they cope with one disaster after another.
Wandering in the wilderness while our deficit sky-rockets our P.M.’s world family holidays, have infuriated the top dogs in every country he visits. Meanwhile, our trade deficit widened to nearly $3 billion in February. Our railways can’t even get farmers’ grain to shipping points.
Our police our left to cope with thousands of situations where persons with severe mental health and addition issues confront them, often with terrible outcomes. No new money is immediately forthcoming  for proper care and treatment for these desperate people.
The illegal immigrant situation continues to increase as the feds leave the provinces to cope with the onslaught. I will admit that some provinces, much like many of the southern states in the U.S. are partly responsible for the issue.
Their politicians do nothing to stop  businesses that make huge profits by illegally employing the border crashers.
Quebec has the worst record, allowing the hiring of illegals without proper work permits at below minimum wages for cash.
No perks or protection for the labourers and no contributions for taxes, employment insurance, worker’s comp. or Quebec Pension Plan. Now Quebec has the audacity to demand that the Federal government send them a bundle of cash to help with the problem. Not happening in Saskatchewan for Alberta is it!
The federal Liberals have initiated another useless, confusing directive called “Gender Neutrality.”  The folks at Services Canada who are already saddled with one of the worst on-line computer systems I’ve ever tried to use, can no longer use simple, specific language when assisting clients. Not mother or father but parent? So not ‘what was your mother’s maiden name but what was your parent’s middle name?’ The patronage appointed “buzz-heads” dreaming up this bafflegab continues to mock sanity.
After dithering, studying and breaking one deadline after another, our federal government has chosen to plunge our troops into a worst possible posting. Much like when they waited until we got the worst deployment possible in Afghanistan. To round out the deadly decision, they are sending troops, under equipped to a war zone where 160 U.N. troops have already perished.
To perfectly demonstrate their total lack of understanding of the volatile situation they will send not a token, but a large number of female troops.
The only possible reason for this; to “maybe” garner a seat on the U.N. Security Council where anything of consequence is immediately vetoed by the Russians and Chinese. Canadian voters  should be rioting in the streets over this terrible thoughtless directive.
The unnecessary pipeline debacle grinds on while Trudeau continues to fiddle while Rome burns. The few dozen law breaking B.C. green party protesters should be quickly arrested, convicted, fined $1,000 and spend 30 days in jail. They should not be allowed within 200 meters of any pipeline construction. Repeat offenders should do 90 days behind bars and pay a $5,000 fine.
Carbon tax propaganda is wearing thin. I will easily predict that it will die a well deserved death within the year. New and existing governments in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Eastern provinces will see to that. Out of the chilling darkness will finally emerge a huge, much needed burst of sunlight.

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