Thursday, 19 April 2018 06:59

It all unfortunately sounds too familiar

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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O.K., I’ll admit it; I was wrong. In an earlier article, I said surely Trudeau, even with all of his frailties an, ego-dominated faults would not be stupid enough to take his family on another taxpayer’s paid holiday.

But, he did! He even took his own chef, Vikram Vij at our expense!
He invited a convicted terrorist to two dinners and a photo op with his wife, defiling all common sense or reasoning.
He and his family went dressed in out-of-place attire while he danced around behaving like a tourist at Disneyland. He was rightfully shunned by the powers that be from India.
He was an embarrassment to Canadians and the laughing stock of the rest of the world. He tried to cover up his transgressions by claiming it was a trip to promote trade but infuriated the local Indian government so much that they actually imposed tariffs on some Canadian goods.
We dare not laugh about an American President basketcase surrounded by a group specializing in child care — not while we have a similar problem in Canada. At least the American president has reduced taxation and regulations to a point where the U.S.A. will quickly become the world’s largest producer of oil and gas —even larger than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined.
On the other hand, our Prime Minister and several malady struck provincial left wing governments increased taxes and regulations to a point where our resources cannot be mined or shipped off shore.
While they are saving the world, we are losing billions of dollars of revenue and tens of thousands of high paying jobs. I pray that the next round of elections will produce governments that can halt the derision and vagaries before its too late.
I was absolutely right when I said Trudeau was not ready to govern. Our loonie it at its lowest point, dropping three cents in less than a month. Our debt load continues to sky-rocket.
Our trade agreements are a shambles. The Phoenix pay system is approaching a billion dollars flushed down the toilet. The recent budget was nothing more  than several pages of ambiguous promises sadly lacking any concrete proposals or plans.
Drug testing for workplace safety and vehicle operation is no where close to anything meaningful. The list of bad decisions and failed programs is never ending.
We continue to be governed by a bunch of inept clowns with scary agendas and no hope for mitigation in sight. I’m proud to say that it wasn’t me that elected the village idiots and I am pleased that those that did get to suffer along with me.
In closing on a more positive topic, I am pleased to see Brenda Lucki, originally from the Edmonton area, as the first permanently appointed female RCMP Commissioner.
She has inherited a terrible mess left by her predecessor and a government that offed little to overcome it. She can right the ship by gathering all senior management, making it crystal clear that she is in charge and there will be  be zero tolerance for anyone to thwart her efforts.
 She  must immediately meet with the P.M., Minister Goodale and the head of Treasury Board and demand millions of dollars to properly train, equip and pay members of the force.
Members sitting on hundreds of hours of lieu time they can never take due to manpower shortages must be paid out. Funding is necessary for retroactive salary increases putting members on a par with other leading police forces. Funding to train a minimum of 500 more members per year, above and beyond attrition, to fill a serious backlog is mandatory.
She must explain, in no uncertain terms, that considerable progress for all deficiencies must be made within 120 days or she will very loudly and publicaly  resign.
I believe she has the skill, determination and toughness to do what must be done to save what was the best police force in Canada.

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