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The chemical condemnation and more

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Humankind is slowly but surely sliding into a lugubrious state that pensively troubles me.

With little thought of the consequences we opt for the quick fix without regard to what we irreversibly suffer for our thoughtless actions.
We gorge ourselves on salt, fat and sugar-ridden food at fast food outlets and prepared, packaged slop at home.
We ignore the healthy, cost saving of cooking fresh as we struggle with our obesity caused by ingesting high priced garbage.
Another quick fix paradox is the use of chemically-laced deodorizers to quench the stench of filth we wallow in at our homes, hospitals, churches, other public places and vehicles. Taking the time to properly clean them with water, soap and a bit of bleach or baking soda takes longer but is effective, healthier and much cheaper. 
The health issues created by strident, ubiquitous deodorizers are huge. Fewer than 10% of their contents are revealed to us for obvious reasons. 
An estimated 20% of the population in the U.S.A. have reported adverse health effects  and I’ll venture that Canadians suffer the same outcome.
Asthma, headaches, breathing difficulties and infant illness are rampant.
Deodorizers do not clean, filter or purify.  They come in many eye-catching packages containing over 100 chemicals. Sprays, gels, oils, diffusers, cartridges, evaporators and disks abound.
The global market for them exceeds  $10 billion per year and is growing rapidly. Europe is the largest market, while Asia is the fastest growing.  Another survey in the United States revealed that 73% use them weekly. 
Also exposed are 58% from deodorizers used by others.
Baking soda is a good cheap, substitute with many uses. It’s an amphoteric which means it can react with both strong acids and strong bases. It forms a sodium salt with butyric, caproic and valerie acids. They dramatically reduce rancid odours by changing the PH of the axillae, the bacteria which decompose fats making them unable to act.
 On a different but similar note, I’m excited about the product being produced by a biofuel company,  Agrisoma Biosciences out of Gaineau Quebec. It’s made from a mustard like oilseed called carinata. Half of the seed produces biofuel. The rest goes to animal feed. It’s been successfully tested by Quantas, an Australian airline on a flight from the U.S.A to Australia. The long term goal is to grow a crop on 400,000 hectares of land yielding 200 million litres of bio jet fuel producing 77% less green house gas. Biofuels currently cost 5% to 10% more than traditional jet fuel but expanded production could put them on par. I like the idea that carinata can be grown on land unsuited for any other crop growth. Thus nothing is taken away from crops grown on better land used for food production.   Using its residue for cattle feed also reduces the need for growing that on better land.
My last condemnation is for our Liberal government who promised door to door delivery by Canada Post for everyone. Their get elected by any means promise was a sham.  The rural areas of Canada have never had that service and always pick up their mail at the post office. Why the rest of Canada can’t get theirs from local drop boxes should not be an issue for anyone but the overpaid, highly unionized Canada Post delivery people. Trudeau, caught again, trying to buy everyone’s vote with another ill-thought promise, is floundering. To make my point on the absurdity of this farce, I’ll quote findings from a recent poll from 125,000 Canadians.
Only 30% get home delivery now.
Under Trudeau’s latest “caught like a deer in the headlights” proposal their will never be more. The poll revealed that only 23% checked for mail daily, including those getting delivery.
Another 25% checked only every few days, 18% weekly and 4% monthly. The combined end calculation reveals that only 7% even care that they are getting daily home delivery. 
I hope each of the remaining 93% are indignant enough to not vote for more of Trudeau’s presumptuous ideas in the next election.

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