Thursday, 30 November 2017 11:14

Does anyone have a remote clue within the federal government?

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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Does anyone have a clue? Is anyone capable of resolutely taking charge of the hysteria and declaring, “Lead, follow or get to hell out of the way?”

The blame, voracious buck passing and chaotic “misunderstandings have got to cease. The false, superficial, self-esteem  and exaltation has been flaunted to death. I bitterly resent that  many of our persons in power are not properly taken to task for their unforgivable trespasses.
The terrible way that our natives have been treated is dead wrong.  A century  of broken promises and wasted billions of dollars has yielded only bitter hopes and mistrust. The Liberal answer is to double the size of the empire building departments and waste more time and money. Doubling down on a failed program is borderline insane.
 I suggest the Indian Act be phased out. In return, I suggest that Reserves be converted to municipalities and governed accordingly with like perks and support. In return, I suggest a “final” payout of $250,000, cash be given to every indigenous person and every newly born one during the next 20 years.
 A reasonable line must be drawn to identify those who qualify as having existing treaty status. Sorry, a third generation person having lived off of their reserve for 40 years, having 1/16th. native status “may” no longer qualify.
Fair is fine, but can we afford for one quarter of Canadians claiming to be 1/32nd native to receive the payout?
This idea eliminates the billions of dollars going to thousands of lawyers, bureaucrats and band councillors that seldom gets to the vast majority of natives.
Equal health care, education, pensions and taxation are far overdue. I sincerely offer my thoughts as just a starting point to help to quickly and fairly bring this terrible injustice to an abrupt end.
Likewise with the never-ending Bombardier black hole. The billion of dollars poured into this inept, family-owned and terribly-operated firm may have gotten a few politicians elected.
The rest of Canadians are weary of seeing their tax dollars wasted.
The obscene government dole outs, coupled with the selling of hundreds of C-400 airplanes to Delta airlines  at well below cost has rightfully been challenged by the Americans putting a 220% tariff on the deal. Brazil has also challenged the affair in the world’s courts.
It appears that the rest of the world is onto the caper. The federal Liberals and their Quebec friends could not bluster their way out of this one. The good news; the company was forced to sell 50.1% of its shares to the European aircraft giant Airbus.
The Quebec government now holds a 19% interest and Bombardier retains 31%. Alabama will get about 30% of the final assembly of the plane. Justice served!
The Liberals have had two years to fix the Phoenix federal government pay system.
Due to inept bumbling and clueless management, the broken system is worse off than ever! There are 50,000 backlogged cases and more than 1,000 software glitches in the system. There are 80 collective agreements with 80,000 rules in “la-la” land. Many will not be settled by a November deadline which will literally be breaking the law. Automation, staff and  training shortages abound. In September 160,000 employees were improperly paid. At least $400,000 has been wasted. Does anyone have a clue?
Scary tax laws for farmers, doctors and most small businesses have been thoughtlessly enacted. Even minimum wage earners were attacked for their tiny perks — all in the name of helping the middle class while Trudeau and has millionaire friends continue to use every tax dodge in the book. Thus, layer upon layer of bumptious incompetence continues.
So, how’s it going for you Liberal lovers so far?

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