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Will we ever get it right when it comes to the environment?

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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A friend of mine made an observation that stuck with me after a recent conversation about the misguided left wingers. 

He said: “Our country is rich enough to waste our money on trying to be correct in everything we do.”  It is my observation that he is right, but it’s a fool’s goal!
Most other countries are not rich enough to fall into that trap.
If you are starving and without health care or a roof over your head, the last thing on your mind is saving the polar bears, or whales or the other trillion poor souls enduring the same plight as you.
Further, almost every other reasonably well off country has displayed the common sense to not fall into the feel good trap of making everything right.
When the worst storm in American recorded history devastated Texas and neighbouring states,
two things became abundantly clear to me. First, the devastation was totally predictable and could have been avoided. Realtors lobbied politicians to destroy natural drainage and create a floating island of concrete that filled full of water like a gigantic swimming pool. Didn’t get it right!
Secondly, very predictably, gas prices soared to $1.43 per litre in Vancouver and $1.40 in Montreal, while they were only $1.16 in Calgary.  The”getting it right leftie”s in Vancouver and Montreal paid heavily because they are so ignorant they won’t allow a pipeline from western Canada that would bring down their price tremendously.
The pipe line would allow them to use a Canadian product vs. the dirty oil from terrorist nations they are plugged into now. The pipeline would create jobs everywhere and provide a better oil price for western Canada producers. Make no mistake, it is western Canada that bleeds millions of dollars in equalization payments to keep them afloat and still, they don’t get it.
They wine about tankers leaving Canada to export our oil causing pollution, while ignoring that tankers bringing in their oil from other countries pose the same threat, if any.
They ignore the threat from over 8 billion tons of plastic polluting our oceans, enough to totally cover all four western provinces, while having a nervous breakdown over a pipeline.
There was a recent proposal by United Conservative Party leadership candidate; Jeff Callaway, for Alberta to purchase the Port of Churchill to use it as a shipping hub for oil; an idea I have championed for ten years. It would let the fools in Vancouver and Montreal “freeze in the dark”, which they so richly deserve.
 Again, a better price for Western Canadian oil. A much needed road would be built. The now totally useless railway would be fixed. Jobs would abound and thousands of persons would auspiciously prosper.
But the stubborn left’s capricious, captious response was pathetic and predictable.
“Not doable,” they shouted.
“Got to consecrate the bears and whales.”
“A pipeline would disrupt our traplines.”
Common sense tells me that a 150 foot easement on a pipeline is not going to effect a trapline.
It would however give the trappers a fee trail to travel on. Would five months a year of trapping yield a net profit of a full time job bringing in $55,000 to $70,000 a year? Of course not! Will the malady of these people strike again? Will deprivation for Alberta and Saskatchewan continue? Most likely!
(Dale Ferrel is a long time Prairie Post columnist and lives in central Alberta)

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