Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:22

A detestable spin to federal politics

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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For two decades, I have voiced my concerns about all governments vapidly lacking response to our ever growing number of seniors and their needs.

Medical support systems, care homes and home care needs continue to be poorly managed or booted down the road. Seniors now outnumber children in Canada.
Experts predict that seniors care and housing needs will double in the next 30 years.
Decent “pharma-care” programs could save billions of dollars a year for taxpayers and ease the suffering of all Canadians, especially seniors. Live-in-home assisted care would cost a fraction of full-time care, or worse yet, housing seniors in hospitals designed for acute care which is dumb and expensive. The problem continues to grow while governments boast of projects that barely  cover a fifth of the real need.
Proper housing and care should be divided into proper categories and properly used for home care, community care, long-term care and acute care.
 A perfect example of my argument is provided by the Conference Board of Canada. They project home care services will increase at more than three per cent per year while growth in home care employment will grow at only one per cent or a third of the needs required. The market is far too focused on the needs of the healthy and wealthy, not on the large majority of Canadian seniors. The buck passing and detestable spin must stop or reality will soon humiliate these hypocrites to ameliorate their lack of action.
The same governments that have screwed up the health-care portfolio can’t seem to get disaster relief right either. Why should people be allowed to build and even re-build on flood plains or in areas without properly cleared buffers against forest fires? Many don’t bother to buy insurance, full knowing the politicians will come in droves and throw a bundle of taxpayers’ dollars at them so they can do it all over again. The guidelines to get it right should be loud and clear and the politicians and home owners should abide by them.
Our federal government and some provincial governments are ignoring reality on their ill thought out goals for emission controls.
They never let the facts get in the way of a “elect me, look how great I am” speech. Canada now has 13 years to cut 200 million tonnes of annual carbon emission promises made in 2015 international treaty summit. That is the equivalent to removing  44 million vehicles from our roads.

That’s twice the number of all of the vehicles registered in Canada two years ago.
Millions of Canadians actually believed this was possible. Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, is still insisting that our government’s plan is right on schedule. I don’t recall her ever mentioning that her government will get almost $300 million in revenue annually from GST charged on carbon taxes in B.C. and Alberta.
Both of those premiers were naive enough to believe Trudeau and McKenna’s stories the program would be revenue neutral.
I am fascinated that while 42 per cent of Canada’s land base is made up of poplar, spruce and pine trees; the equivalent of 10 per cent of all the world’s forests; that no one to my knowledge has calculated the amount of pollution control that provides, or the potential credit we should claim from it.

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