Wednesday, 04 January 2017 13:29

National politicans' actions ignorant and dangerous

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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God bless Brad Wall for having the tenacity to stand up and challenge the world’s newest, vain “Emperor With No Clothes” and his followers — our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Let’s start with some important history.
Ontario’s Liberal Premier, Kathleen Wynne now sports a popularity rating of 15 per cent with 58 per cent of her constituents wanting her to resign due to her abominable mis-handling of the Green Energy Act, initiated by Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty.
McGuinty’s principal secretary and policy director was one Gerald Butts, the so-called brains behind this major disaster that signed onto dubious wind power, conservation, natural gas and nuclear deals to replace coal. These failures left consumers with an extra $37 billion for the utility bills between 2006 and 2014. The auditor general estimates between 2015 and 2032, another $133 billion hit will take place.
Guess who is the principal secretary heading up Emperor Trudeau’s environmental shambles, including imposing a carbon tax on all of Canada to phase out coal by 2030? Yes, it’s the infamous Gerald Butts. Wall is right. Our biggest trading partner, the U.S.A. will blow us out of the water. With the help of Butts, our federal government is headed for a $30-billion budget deficit in its first year. All this while Wynne and Alberta’s Rachel Notley praise the idea. Wynne, true to form, wasted about $50 million over the last year on taxpayer funded advertising that the auditor general said was primarily designed to make her and her party look good while closing hospital beds and firing nurses.
The Fraser Institute believes Alberta’s oilsands emissions cap will cost  an estimated $250 billion between 2025 and 2040, while doing practically nothing to cut greenhouse gas. Gas and oil prices will decide that in the end. Never forget Australia’s eco-disaster, 2012/14 that already proves the fallacy of this ill-planned, costly, divisive farce. 
Meanwhile, Emperor Trudeau wasted $416,000 to renovate a two-year-old office building in downtown Ottawa. His friends received $5,000 or $103 each for installing 56 coat hooks, $52,000 to build a bike storage room and $60,000 for installing new furniture. Throw in $131,000 for acoustical panels, $76,000 for a demountable partition and $4,500 to remove a supposed tripping hazard.
Our Friends of Science have come up with some interesting figures that do not flatter the loud eco-morons spewing half truths or less to try to justify their causes. Our federal environment minister, McKenna jumped in front of the media cameras proudly displaying a coconut frond, pinned over her heart to make the world aware that the Marshall Islands may go under water if the oceans rise.
She failed to mention The Marshall Islands are home to the world’s third largest registered marine fleet. That fleet alone emits more marine diesel pollution, including sulphur acid rain, than all of the world’s cars. Read my lips: there is not a single word in the Paris Eco Agreement regarding pollution from shipping or aircraft.  
She and her Quebec friends chose to ignore the fact huge marine tankers travel 7,000 kms from despot countries to deliver fuel at the port of Montreal while its mayor says pipelines and oilsands are our worst pollution offenders. Never a word that The Northern Gateway, Trans Mountain and Energy East pipelines would inject a much-needed $30 billion into our waning economy just to build. Nor that they would eliminate the 30 per cent discount on our present oil prices. Without this, equalization is over and these debt-ridden leeches are as well.
McKenna never mentioned our competing countries pour millions of dollars into special interest groups who would love to see our exports blocked by eco clowns. If they can force carbon pricing or cap and trade on us we would then be forced to buy their eco junk as well.

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