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No excuses Swift Current: get out and vote

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Swift Current voters will be going to the polls Oct. 26 in what has been a lively election.

There were a lot of people at the Oct. 5 forum which was live-streamed, plus there’s been a lot of media coverage —please check out our feature pages in the Oct. 21 edition of Prairie Post — on the candidates.
There have been a lot of strong emotions as there have been some strong feelings regarding the issues, if not arguably, some personality conflicts.
For those who love the drama, it may be entertaining, but what needs to be heard are the words, the ideas, the plans for the future and how best to get there.
What is most important is that voters get informed. It’s important first and foremost, that citizens turn out. It’s also critical however, that once the voter gets in that voting area that he/she makes an informed decision and not base anything .
There is a lot of choice out there. With as many candidates running for the council chairs, there shouldn’t be any reason for the tired excuse of “there wasn’t anyone to vote for” or “they wouldn’t understand the issues.”
It’s a critical vote as the province enters an interesting economic time and the city itself finds itself like every other municipality in Canada: wondering what the future holds.
While there are some legitimate issues getting a lot of attention (i.e. City’s debt and Elmwood land deal) there are other issues too.
Voters needs to do what they can to understand what the candidates are representing. It’s not only based on experience, but what type of people they are. Do they volunteer, what do they do to contribute to the community, what kind of feeling do you get from them?
There are a lot of aspects to consider and none of it should be taken lightly.
It’s also important for those within the public school board’s divisions 4 (Gull Lake); 5 (Consul, Maple Creek) and 7 (Bracken, Cadillac, Neville, Ponteix, Vanguard, Val Marie) to vote.
For those who have an specific questions with the City election,  go to and see some answers for many different possible questions.
Ryan Dahlman is managing editor with the Prairie Post. Contact him with your comments about this opinion piece at rdahlman@

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