Wednesday, 07 September 2016 16:05

Really: it’s strange, but true (unfortunately)

Written by  Dale Ferrel
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It’s strange but true my friends. The world never ceases to amaze:

• Politicians, the people that elect them and the way they govern provide a never ending stream of happenings that are so bizarre  that they often border on strange but true.  Often, Canadian politics and those involved appear tame when compared to our American friends.
• A 2010 New York Times survey revealed that only 16% of their Millennials could properly explained socialism as government ownership of the means of production. That said, a national YOU-GOV survey determined that 43% of under age 30s favoured socialism, while only 32% were for capitalism, although only one in five actually knew what it was.
Put simply, Capitalist generosity springs from free will and compassion.
 Socialism creates redistribution of wealth by force of government using overwhelming power to play ‚Robin Hood. That’s understandably, very scary!
Part of the problem may be many are ill-informed by university social-scientists, 18% of whom self-identified with Marxists. A ‘me-now’ attitude with their ‘fly-now, pay-later’ outlook further fuels the problem. I suspect the same for many young Canadians who think Mr. Trudeau’s pending $120 billion deficit was a great reason for electing him.
• The national Institute on Drug Abuse claims solid scientific evidence proves that teenagers using marijuana display reduced thinking , memory and learning functions along with increased depression and anxiety.
• A Northwestern Medicine study found that even after two years of use, teens showed brain abnormalities similar to schizophrenics. Throw in breathing problems, bronchitis and heart issues along with life satisfaction and relationship issues for long term users and Justin Trudeau’s legalization of pot is not well thought out. The whole idea is presently badly mired in legal, quality and cost problems that will hopefully stop the insane carnage.
• After Canada’s pull out from Afghanistan is going almost exactly as I predicted which borders on strange but true. The U.N’s top envoy, Nicholas Hayson, says economic melt-down, increased violence, insurgency, factious elites, diminishing foreign aid and elusive peace are ramped! The 2012 Coalition Force’s predicted trillion dollars in potential mineral wealth is now lost, and the country is plagued by high unemployment, mass migration and corruption. Over $700 million in foreign aid has been wasted. When will we ever learn to stay to the heck away from this part of the world? That Mr. Trudeau is going to send hundreds of our ill-equipped, under-trained armed forces into this part of the world further verifies his lack of knowledge and poor decisions that seem to never end!
• Got to end this one on a “you got to be kidding” pun intended note. Calgary parks are trying a pilot program using goats to mow the grass and control evasive weeds.
One hundred goats are involved in project one, chomping down on some of 16 targeted along with several more weeds.
Rough terrain and bad weather are not problems and they work 24/7 without pay.
No need for expensive pesticides. 
Another plus is that the goat’s stomachs are so acidic that all of the weed seeds are not redistributed in their feces.
They fertilize as they work and their hooves work up the ground.
A couple of horses and a herding dog are involved. A Karst Shepard is their guardian while a Great Pyrenees and a Maremma will make quick work of any and all predators.

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