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Redneck Betties’ star jams with Team Sask. in Moose Jaw

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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 Brand new Team Saskatchewan had their first roller derby bout against the Alberta All-Stars in Moose Jaw on April 20, and although the team was unable to pull off a win, local derby player Stephanie St. Cyr (Jinger Vitis) is feeling good about her own performance.

“I've always been a jammer, and while I did jam a few times at the game, I spent most of my time blocking,” the Redneck Betties player said. “That was a big change for me, but I'm one of the bigger girls on the team and Alberta is a really strong and big team, height-wise, so I was put into that position.”
While Team Sask. suffered a190 - 137  loss, St. Cyr is confident that the team will build strength with a few more practices and bouts.
She explained that the team struggled throughout the first half of the bout, but upped their game a bit and started catching up in the end.
“I really think we are on the same level as the Alberta girls, but they have a lot more experience than our team and I think that once we have a chance to play together a bit more, we'll stack up close against them,” she said. “Our practices haven't been very well-attended every time, so it was tough for us to figure out what works well as a team.”
The team aims to practice together once a week, usually on Sundays. But since each player is involved in another league, it can be difficult to get everyone together. For St. Cyr, the biggest issue was not knowing her new teammates as well as she knows the Betties.
“With them, I know where the blockers will be, and they know where I'm going to go,” she explained. “That is definitely to my advantage, we know each other so well that we don't even have to think about it, it just happens and works well for us. With Team Sask., it's harder because we all practice a different way, and everyone is trying to do what works for them. It's a different style of game play.”
St. Cyr is hoping that by their next bout, Team Sask. will have the opportunity to learn a little more about how to work as a team. They will be taking on the CRDA all-star team out of Calgary, at a bout in Swift Current on July 6.
“I'm super pumped to have them come here, it's such an honor to have Team Sask. playing here in Swift Current,” she said. “The majority of the girls are from Saskatoon or Regina, so having this here to accommodate us is really great. And we get such a big crowd, it will be nice to play with so many fans and have that support.”

The Redneck Betties battle the Redcliff Foxy Rollers Saturday night at the Credit Union iplex. Please also see story on

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