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Council approves private development of Chinook Parkway land

Written by  Matthew Liebenberg
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A new concession in Riverside Park will provide ice cream and other refreshments to visitors who are out enjoying one of Swift Current’s largest green space areas this summer.

Councillors approved a proposal for the development of a concession inside the park, which is located on the city’s south side along the Chinook Parkway, at their regular council meeting Feb. 19.
Director of Recreation and Parks Dean Robson told the meeting the City has received numerous requests in the past to purchase and/or develop Chinook Parkway designated areas, but this application was different.
“The request for private development on Chinook Parkway lands within a public park was the first of its kind received by the City,” he said.
The City will lease an area within the park to the developer, O’Rudy Creek House Treats, to operate a summer concession. The five-year agreement, which includes an option to renew for another five years, will allow the developer to construct a building with washrooms.
The developer will pay an annual lease amount of $6,000 to the City and will operate the concession for a minimum period every year, specified to be between July 1 and Sept. 1.
“This is a new concept for the City,” Councillor Gord Budd said. “I’m really excited to see this development taking place because our south side park is used an awful lot and it’s going to be nice to have a concession there.”
He emphasized the approval of this application was not an indication that Chinook Parkway lands are open for development. As was the case with this proposal, the Chinook Parkway Board will review each development proposal on its own merits.
“Each proposal will be reviewed by the committee and we’re going to have  fairly stringent guidelines,” he said. “I don’t think we’re taking away at all from the concept of a park to have a concession booth down there.”
Saskatchewan Valley subdivision
Council approved a subdivision plan for the Saskatchewan Valley area to accommodate the site requirements for the entire integrated facility site. The new plan allows for an exchange of land with the Cypress Health Region and the provision of land from the City for the shared-use school site.
It will also accommodate future development areas that are part of integrated facility proposals by the City and Cypress Health.
“This was a very important step,” Director of Engineering Mac Forster said. “It allows title to be given to all those property owners ..., the health region, the schools and such, and it allows transfer of funds to pay for the developments.”
The new subdivision plan includes the relocation of Douglas Drive and the creation of a new cul-de-sac, to be named after former Saskatchewan premier Woodrow Lloyd, that will give access to the integrated facility site. The plan provides for the widening and extension of Saskatchewan Drive, which will be an arterial street in the northeast urban expansion area.
Councillors also approved a $235,000 scope change for approved engineering services in the Saskatchewan Valley subdivision during 2013. Forster said the change was necessary to meet scheduled completion dates for the shared-use school site and to accommodate residential growth demands in the area.
“Engineering and construction work must continue at a fairly aggressive pace in order to meet demand,” he noted.
Additional expenses on water treatment plant
Council approved $98,843.28 plus GST for the water treatment plant upgrade project to cover additional costs that were incurred after deadlines were not met.
The upgraded water treatment plant is now fully operational, but Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd. did not complete the contract in accordance with various deadlines. As a result the City will reduce the final payment to the contractor with $253,736.29 that includes a $100,000 penalty for late completion, $70,936.29 for liquidated damages and a $82,800 deduction for outstanding work.
The City concluded an agreement with consulting engineering firm AECOM to complete outstanding work items, but the company and its sub-consultants have incurred $98,843.28 in additional costs due to the extension of the project deadline.

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