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Redneck Betties ready to hit the oval

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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After a bit of a break for the holidays, Swift Current's Redneck Betties are back in action. The team is already gearing up for a busy season of roller derby, and have already started scheduling some away games for the spring.

“The last couple of years, we've started in April when we can get into the iplex,” explained Nikki Cherrington with the Redneck Betties. “That's a long time to wait to play, months of just training, so we really worked at getting some games lined up a little earlier. The first one is a scrimmage, but we aren't taking it lightly – we will be going for the win.”
The scrimmage against Saskatoon will take place on Feb. 17, and the Betties will head to Calgary for a bout there on May 11. This year, the Betties will also be heading to the US, for an away game against Billings on June 8.
“We don't have any of our home games set up yet, we are still waiting for the city to clarify what dates are available to us, but we do know that we will be hosting a tournament in July, where we will bring in between 10-12 teams,” added Cherrington. “We are super excited about that, and we will also have some new girls benchmarking this week, so we're working hard with them, too.”
This season, the Betties are not only working with their trainer, Andy Schneider, but they've also recruited the help of a coach. With his coaching background and passion for the sport, Dean 'Vic Vega' Toles has been a valuable addition to the team.
“It's working out really well, it's been really nice to have some of the pressure off us,” Cherrington admitted. “We can show up, work hard, and just do what he says, while feeling confident that someone else is making sure that we are doing all the right things. And with Andy helping us get back in shape, it's a lot of work. But we are glad to be back at it, three months is too long to not be skating with the girls.”
Six members of the team took advantage of another local opportunity, and traveled to Moose Jaw last week to try out for the brand new Team Sask. With only the top 20 girls making it onto the team, Cherrington is anxious to hear the results.
“They will be announcing it this week, but it's all so new we really don't know what it will involve,” she said. “The coach is playing it by ear, seeing who can make it to regular practices and finding something that will suit the majority of the people on the team. He does have a couple bouts lined up already, when he gets the roster set.”
The goal for Team Sask is to become affiliated with the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, which was started in the US. The organizations ensures that refs are certified and that players follow standard training programs. Teams have standings, playoffs, and nationals at the end of each season.
“I would love for all of us in Canada to start going that way,” explained Cherrington. “Their association is great, so there is no sense in us starting up something new. I'm really excited about the opportunity in general, but that part especially is something I'm very interested in.”
Although Cherrington admitted that the girls from the Betties were perhaps a bit behind some of the other Team Sask. hopefuls in terms of agility, she feels that the girls have a good chance of making it on the team.
“We haven't been skating as long as some of the other girls, but other than that, I think we did great,” she said. “We were very competitive, showed off our scrimmaging skills on the track, and our cardio was better than more of the girls that were there. I'm hopeful that we will get on the team.”
The full schedule for the Betties' 2013 season will be out soon. Keep watching the Redneck Betties' facebook page for more information.

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