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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 15:50

RecyclAbility makes it easy to shred and recycle documents

Written by  Matthew Liebenberg
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A well-established recycling service in Swift Current for shredding confidential and regular office documents has a catchy new name.

RecyclAbility is the new brand name of the confidential shredding and recycling service provided by the Swift Current branch of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.
It was previously known as Envir-O-Shred, but a recent rebranding of the service on a provincial level resulted in the creation of a different name and redesigned logos.
Carol Lemon, who is the Swift Current training centre supervisor, said they are starting with the promotion of the new name.
“I’m thinking people are still associating us with the old service, which is the same,” she mentioned. “It’s just the new, brighter image that we’ve got.”
Local clients of the service might have already noticed the name change on their bills.
The RecyclAbility logo is also prominent on the new van, which is used to collect material from clients.
Dale Lowe, who is the new operations manager for the Saskatchewan Abilities Council building, said the RecyclAbility service has more than 50 clients. He feels the program still has a lot of potential and they are hoping to expand the service.
“If we can get enough, that's what our intentions are,” he said. “We would definitely like to grow.”
Their expansion plans would include a larger commercial shredder to replace the existing one, which is nearing the end of its life cycle.
“We are in the midst of looking for a new machine but they are not cheap,” Lowe said. “So we’re trying to determine if we can’t get more people supporting us, then we can get a bigger machine and get more clients involved.”
Around six people are currently employed through this shredding and recycling service, which will also increase if there is an expansion.
The RecyclAbility service is one of a number of activities at the Swift Current training centre to provide meaningful work to local clients of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council. This helps to prepare them for employment outside the training centre.
“If the person has a goal and once you can see that they can function in our environment, then they’re ready to move on and see if they can function in the community,” Lemon said.
RecyclAbility's service is used by various businesses, including law firms, real estate and medical offices, as well as churches and private individuals. The service is able to handle all recyclable waste paper and it will shred confidential or regular office documents.
“We supply the bags for people, so they can load up the bags,” Lowe said.
The fee is $0.24 per pound plus GST for paper that is picked up or $0.20 per pound plus GST for paper dropped off for shredding.
For pre-shredded paper the fee is $0.14 per pound plus GST to collect or free if dropped off. A special contract fee of $0.21 per pound plus GST applies to all schools and churches.
For more information about the RecyclAbility service, phone 306-773-2076. Their address is 1551 North Railway Street West and business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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