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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 15:47

Swift Current Comp. students helping Salvation Army

Written by  Jessi Gowan
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The Student Leadership Council at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School took it upon themselves to help out some of the members of our community who are facing struggles this time of the year.
The group organized a food and item drive to support the local Salvation Army, Southwest Crisis Services, and Operation Christmas Child.

“It went really well, we even had some students who went out ‘trick or treating’ for items on Halloween,” explained SLC Advisor Kim Morrison. “The kids came back with a lot of stuff, and we ended up with lots of items ready to go. I think that’s definitely something that we will continue to do in the future.”
The group collected more than 1,500 items to be distributed amongst the three organizations.
They had a list of needed items for the women’s shelter, items for Operation Christmas Child needed to fit into shoeboxes, and most of the food items were delivered to the Salvation Army.
“Anyone who brought an item could choose which organization they wanted to donate to, but we did try to keep things pretty evened out,” Morrison said. “The food bank ended up getting the most, but the shelter got some of the bigger items on their list that they don’t usually get, so that was really nice to see.”
The idea came up as a bit of a joke, when students on the SLC were discussing Halloween and how strange it is for youth to go door-to-door, expecting candy. They decided to twist the traditional ‘trick or treating’ and do it to give something back to the community, rather than being greedy for themselves.
“It worked really well, since on Halloween people are home and sort of expect that,” explained Morrison. “We also have an Impact Club at the school who were interested in doing Operation Christmas Child, and we really wanted to do something for the women’s shelter. We just decided to put it all together and do everything at once, so that the students wouldn’t get overwhelmed by too many projects.”
It was important for the students to keep their fundraising local. As the students are beginning to realize there are people within their own community who have needs, that local focus becomes even more important to them.
“I think this has been a huge awareness piece for us,” Morrison noted. “A lot of students didn’t realize some of the issues that we have within our community, and this really helped them see some of that. I think it’s more romanticized, to think we are helping people overseas, but we don’t want to forget about the students in our own school.”
The students are planning another drive in the future, and definitely plan to collect donations again next Halloween.

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