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Friday, 26 October 2012 10:41

Swift Current's Centennial logo and slogan unveiled

Written by  Matthew Liebenberg
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The centennial celebrations for Swift Current’s city status is still more than a year away, but the new centennial logo and slogan will hopefully help residents get into the spirit and to become involve with preparations.

This is what the members of the centennial committee would like to see happen after the launch of the Swift Current 2014 Centennial branding elements and communication strategies on Oct. 17.
The official centennial logo and slogan was unveiled at the event, which took place at the City of Swift Current Council Chambers. The centennial website, Facebook page and Twitter account were also launched and three major events during 2014 were announced.
Centennial Committee Communications Co-ordinator Elden Moberg said they want to get people’s attention focused on the upcoming celebration.
“Once people get that look and feel of what this is and we start talking more about the events and what actually is going to be occurring, I think people will start getting more excited and more engaged,” he mentioned.
The centennial logo uses symbolic fireworks to create a feeling of celebration. It is combined with elements from the City of Swift Current’s current logo and colour scheme to give it a familiar look.
“We want it to have quite a bit of a fun feel to it, but also something that would tie it back to the City,” he added. “It also tells you what we’re celebrating and what it’s all about in a fairly simplistic form, which was what we were looking for so that people could actually recreate it and would know what it looks like.”
The centennial’s key branding slogan will be “Honouring the past, celebrating the present and welcoming the future.” Moberg said the committee wanted to use a slogan that will capture the different meanings the celebration will have for people.
“Some people are really going to look at the past 100 years and that’s what’s going to create the interest for them in the event while others want to celebrate it now, they want to have some fun,” he explained.
The committee members felt it was important to add the reference to the future as a means to highlight the next 100 years of growth and prosperity in the city.
The centennial website at provides a central location for people to obtain information about the upcoming celebrations, to communicate with the committee and to get involved.
The Facebook page can be viewed at citysc100 and the Twitter account can be followed under the name @citysc100. Moberg said these social media platforms will be important ways to reach out to people across the world with connections to Swift Current.
“We’re hoping that’s one avenue we can use to make contact with those people and to give them a reason to come back to Swift Current when possibly a number of their friends or family members will also be here,” he noted. “This is a starting point, but I think we have to be creative and will be over the next year.”
Within the first day of launching on social media there was already a positive response, with people replying by e-mail and talking on Facebook about planning a reunion in Swift Current during the summer centennial event.
Travis Cuthbert, who is the centennial committee’s event co-ordinator, said the three main events will be spread out across the year. The first one, known as Centennial Day, will take place on Jan. 15, 2014, to coincide with the official incorporation date of Swift Current as a city.
The early evening history pageant will be planned and performed by the local arts community. It will honour the past and highlight the city’s rich history. Later that evening there will be a Centennial Day cabaret to celebrate the start of the year-long festivities.
Cuthbert said both events will take place at the Credit Union iplex.
“We’ll have the entire rink surface covered and we’re hoping to have a sold out crowd of 3,000 or so people there,” he added.
The second event is scheduled for June 30, 2014, to coincide with the annual Frontier Days weekend. Called the Centennial Homecoming Festival, it will be a day-long festival that will create a carnival style atmosphere to celebrate both the past and the present. The highlight will be a large outdoor concert that evening with a headliner band.
The iplex, its upper parking lot and the adjacent ball diamonds will be used to attract 5,000 or more people during the entire day to the various pavilions and musical entertainment.
“We’re looking to provide an opportunity for somebody from two years old to 100 years old to come and enjoy themselves and listen to different types of music and taste some different food and just see the historical view of things and really provide all the great things that Swift Current has,” he said.
The third event to “Welcome the Future” will take place in late November or early December. Details are still under discussion, but Cuthbert said it will be focused towards the youth and young families.
Cuthbert said the committee will focus on organizing three events, but it is essential there are other centennial-themed events during the year through the initiative of community groups and organizations.
“We want those community groups to whatever they’re currently already doing ... to throw a centennial spin on it,” he explained. “We’re proud of the fact that the city has been thriving for 100 years and we really think people should be aware of it everywhere they turn throughout that year.”

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