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Thursday, 18 October 2012 09:36

Honouring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Welcoming the Future

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The Swift Current Centennial Committee has been hard at work over the past few months building the elements that will set the tone for the City’s 2014 Centennial Celebrations. 


To that end, they have worked diligently to create the branding elements, communication strategies, and event framework to ensure a fun and community engaged celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

Centennial Logo

In creating the important branding elements for the City’s 2014 Centennial Celebrations, members of the Centennial Communications committee looked to create an image that would resonate with residents both past and present, in ways that would be both simple to recreate, and yet still signify a celebratory feeling.

Using symbolic fireworks to evoke that celebratory feel, paired with echoed elements of the City of Swift Current’s long-standing brand, members of the Communication Committee wanted to ensure that the Centennial logo design was neither too clichéd nor too simplistic.

“When working on the Centennial brand,” says Communication Committee Chair, Elden Moberg, “the Communications committee looked to incorporate aspects of the City’s current logo and colour scheme, while also adding an element of fun.   We were able to address those two things with this logo creating the visual look and feel we were hoping for.”

Centennial Slogan

It’s a sentiment that also figured into the creation of the Centennial’s key branding slogan: “Honouring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Welcoming the Future”.

“When planning the Centennial Celebrations we wanted our residents both past and present, to be able to look back with pride at the great history our City has had over the past 100 years, but we also wanted to ensure that we take the time to celebrate who we are as a community and as a city in the year 2014 as well,” commented Centennial Committee co-chair Pat Friesen.  “Yet what would be the use of simply celebrating where we have been, and where we are, if we don’t look to the future and welcome all that we could be as well for the next 100 years of our city’s growth and prosperity.  It’s a theme that we have integrated into the events planned for the year as well.”

Communication Strategies

Utilizing these two key branding elements the Centennial Committee is now pleased to launch the City’s Centennial website at:   HYPERLINK ""  Acting as one clear centralized location where individuals can access information regarding Centennial events planned both by the community at large and by the Centennial Committee, information will also be available offering suggestions on how individuals and organizations can get involved, as well as news updates, a countdown to Centennial events, a photo gallery and contact information.

With the aim of increasing the level of communication beyond the City’s borders and to engage residents both past and present, the committee has also created a Facebook page, ready for viewing at  HYPERLINK "" and a Twitter account that can be followed under the name @citysc100.  The intent of which is to provide information to the community on a multitude of social media platforms so as to engage as many individuals as possible.

Upcoming Events

Three specific Centennial Celebrations are currently in the planning stages.  Spread out across the entire 2014 Centennial year, these events will be bolstered by other Centennial-themed events held throughout the community by various community groups and organizations.

The first of the three Centennial Celebration events will be known as “Centennial Day” and is scheduled for January 15, 2014 to commemorate the official incorporation date of Swift Current as a City.  Two events are currently planned for Centennial Day, with the first being an early evening History Pageant, planned and performed by members of the Swift Current Arts Community to “Honour the Past” and highlight the rich 100 year history of the community.  The second event of the day will consist of a Centennial Day Cabaret allowing the community as a whole to open the Centennial Year Celebrations. 

The second Centennial Celebrations event of the year, scheduled for June 30, 2014, will be known as the Centennial Homecoming Festival.  A day-long festival-styled event aimed at both “Honouring the Past” and “Celebrating the Present” will culminate with a large outdoor concert allowing all in attendance to join in on the celebrations.  Tied to the annual Frontier Days weekend, it is hoped that this homecoming event will attract both current and former residents of the City.

The third event of the year is one that will wind down the Centennial celebrations, as the city prepares to “Welcome the Future.”  While plans for this event are still being finalized, the Centennial Committee is looking to the latter part of the year as the ideal timeframe in which to feature this event.

“We’ve now built the base and the framework around which other events can occur, which is a very good start,” says Event Committee Chair, Travis Cuthbert.  “We know that we have a significant amount of work to do, but we’re excited that the events that we have started to build will provide the opportunity for everyone to participate and enjoy.”

Today, as the key branding, communication and events planning elements of the 2014 Centennial Celebrations fall into place, the feeling of excitement for the celebration is already starting to build.

“We as members of the Centennial Committee are excited the structure for the Celebrations is now in place.  Over the next 15 months, we can really start to build on what we’ve started,” says Co-Chair Dave Spencer.  “The Committee looks forward to working with all members of the community to make our Centennial year a most memorable experience.”

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